Tuning Forks and Spheres

These are great when your clients are already in a deeply relaxed and blissed out space and you’re then going to use tuning forks onto the energy centres and meridian points on their head as I do in my Earthing Tuning Fork sessions as shown in my online course here!  Even though using them [...]

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Tuning Forks and Fibroids

Clearing Congestion with Tuning Forks for a client with Fibroids Had another lovely testimonial from a happy client using tuning.  I love how effective they are at really shifting energy and pain, as I take the view that pain is just energy trying to move, and as long as you co-create with the client [...]

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Why Solfeggio?

There are so many sounds we can give to the body, and the piano was only invented a few hundred years ago, but the Universe has been around for considerably longer!  Prime numbers as shown by Dr Peter Plichta in his book "God's Secret Formula" are the building blocks of the Universe and found [...]

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Dance to Heal

Many shamans when visited by a sick person who wants them to heal them, the shaman will "when did you stop singing?" and "when did you stop dancing?" These are great questions, because dancing and singing can help us step back into the moment, help move energy, uplift our spirit, keep us vital and [...]

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EMF Radiation and Wifi Refugees

Increasingly these days, with the oncoming onslaught of 5G and the use of more and more technology: e.g. mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi, WiFi peripherals e.g. speakers, keyboards, etc, SMART meters, SMART (not-so-smart!) homes, or even just the EMF radiation coming off a simple washing machine or radio in your bedroom, there is an [...]

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Sound for Emotional Release

Most every one of us at some time in our lives have challenging emotions that come up and if we're like a child who's just banged their knee, who immediately uses a really loud sound and wide mouth to release that pain, trauma and upset from their body, then we can release it in [...]

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Clearing E Coli

Most of us are used to treating physical challenges like bacterial or viral infections or parasites like giardia with standard medicines and yet for over 80 years (since 1933), there's been another way and it's using sound frequency.  It's just a question of knowing which frequency to use! Here I share my experience of [...]

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The Lost Power of Prayer

Wow I just watched a really interesting video with Gregg Braden talking about certain passages of the Bible that got removed which was later found in the Nag Hammadi papyrus scrolls in Egypt in 1945. I honestly believe these to be the keys to our empowerment and freedom. There’s a great passage in it [...]

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I Love You Rice Experiment

People say that everything inside us is vibration and everything outside us is vibration,  too and science has now concluded this to be true which is why sound healing in many of its forms has been widely in the medical world over almost a century!  The world of cymatics certainly shows us how sound [...]

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