I was super excited and honoured to co-host this summit with Thornton Streeter of the Energy Medicine Exchange back in October 2019, and feature my top picks for expert speakers who are offering really profound sound healing remedies for our changing times!

The theme for the summit was for each speaker to share about the best sound healing frequencies that can address the many challenges that humanity currently faces at this immense time of planetary transformation that can support an easier transition for us all.

It’s absolutely FREE and there were sound healing meditations and many special offers available for summit attendees too! #soundhealing #soundsummit #soniclifesolutions #soundhealingexperts

To view the speakers offerings, see below and the event on Facebook is here.

Randy Masters (USA)

Dr Sandra Michaels (USA)

Eileen McKusick (USA)

Judy Lynne Cole (USA)

John Stuart Reid (UK)

Daniel Brower (USA/Argentina)

Andreas Körber (Germany)