Sunset JumpSince 1999, I’ve been offering myself as an open channel for peace, love and the healing of humanity, for public ceremony at sacred sites like Stonehenge, different music projects (more here) and group sound healing journeys (Sonic Enchantment etc) and I’ve been offering this form of “sonic soul retrieval” or “soul messaging” in a personal one-on-one session since 2016.  This is an ancient form of vibrational healing that has been used in the temples of Egypt.  It’s probably the most profound sound healing session I offer!  Want to become a practitioner in this vocal healing method?  12 week course starts  Wednesday 4 May 2022.  Click here.

Together we create sacred space, calling in full assistance of our guides, teachers, angels, etc for your highest will and good.

With your permission, I tune in with your Divine Self/I AM presence and the language of the universal oversoul (where all cultures and languages unite), and ask them to communicate through me, bypassing the mind, directly communicating with your soul.   I tune into my own body wisdom and yours using biofeedback & my own spiritual guidance and start in your energy field above the top of your head, and move down through the central line of your body/energy field clearing any blockages, negative imprints/emotions, trauma, imbalances & miasma/disconnections from this life or past & future lives using my voice.  I may also transmit ancient soul messages to bring completion to unresolved past life experience.  I then call back any soul fragments from this life, past or future lives, other dimensions & spaces & then harmonise and re-integrate all disharmony fully back into your body.  Then I finally complete at the base of your spine to anchor your full Divine I AM presence ever more deeply at whatever level you are ready to embody.  Clients report feeling more free of the past, more energised, more deeply in their body, present, more vital, happy, grounded & more.  It can be quite a transformational and profound experience!

The beauty of Sonic Soul Retrieval is that it can really help you come more fully into your body, without having to go through your past history piece by piece, in order to let it go.  Humanity is now in the time of the Great Awakening.  Truly a time of miracles & moving mountains as we free ourselves from blocks that may have held us back for lifetimes!

These sessions are available on Zoom or Skype in 1 hour sessions. Even though I am not physically present with you wherever you are, I hold the same healing intention to work down through your energy field, clearing out energy blockages, I am able to tune into you and your energy field beyond time and space.  I then invite your I AM presence to fully embody in every cell of your body and energy field at whatever level be for your highest will and good.    Please note that I am feeler (kinesthetic), instead of being a seer, so whilst I may receive messages in English, or your own native tongue, or in the language of the oversoul (which could be any language at all!), it is up to your own inner guidance to sense what the messages mean to you, for they are received especially for you and are unique to you.  When we bring all of our soul fully into our bodies, in present time, then we are able to fully step into our Divine loving presence, manifest the mission we are born for and your life may never be the same again!

If you have any questions or would like to book now, please feel free to book below or contact me here and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to Zoom or Skype.

I look forward to being of healing service to you if you feel the call!

Thanks so much.
Transformation through the power of Sound!

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