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Eeshi-Ra’s Music Links

The Dawn – Earthsong – Listen to Eeshi-Ra’s latest collaboration with Australian music producer Nicholas Payne (DJ Pumpernickle) from the forthcoming EP by clicking on the title.

Sean McVitty – “Sounds Embracing the Silence” – Listen to Eeshi-Ra’s ethereal vocals from Australian music producer Sean McVitty by clicking on the title.

Eeshira’s vocal collaboration with Chris Deckker of Medicine Drum & Earthdance, Titin Moraga (Yellow Magnetic Star) & Emil Herceg on “Doors to Avalon”

Sound Healing

Jason o’Hara wrote the groundbreaking book “The Blueprint of Creation” that connects science and spirituality, featuring amazing sacred geometry that reveals how the frequencies of the Zobet tap into the atomic structure of the Universe!  No longer available.

www.tama-do.com – Fabien Maman. One of the most cutting edge sound healers on the planet today! – However he doesn’t work with the solfeggio so that for me is where we differ and the Zobet (solfeggio) seems to be the highest choice according to my wide research.

www.sharryedwards.com – Sharry Edwards – Another great sound healing pioneer

www.neuroacoustic.com – Cutting edge scientific sound technology combined with ancient knowledge on the use of sound.  They also sell the NASA Space Voyager 1 & 2 recordings of the different planets in our solar system.  Song of Earth sounds particularly awesome, as do Jupiter’s moon, the CD being called the “Sphere of Io”.  Very powerful to have the actual recordings.  They are electromagnetic vibrations & interations of the solar winds and the magnetosphere of the relevant planet/moon etc!  Feel it deep within your body as a remembrance of your unity with  all & the Music of the Spheres!!!

www.harmonicsounds.com – The Association of Sound Therapy – Nestor Kornblum (Master of Overtone Chanting and workshop leader.

www.healingsounds.com – Jonathan Goldman’s work with sound healing.

www.soundtherapynetwork.org – The UK’s network of sound healers (set up by British Academy of Sound Therapy)

www.therapeuticsoundassociation.com – The UK’s international body for sound healing practitioners

www.soundhealersassociation.com – US-based international network of sound healers

Tuning Forks

www,healingtuningforks.com – A huge UK-based source of some amazing cutting-edge tuning forks from the Institute of Cyberkinetics.

www.lightwithin.com – Soma Energetics tools for transformation

www.luminanti.com – Another US-based company with more tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the planets and the rest!

www.healingsounds.com – Jonathan Goldman also sells the Zobet/solfeggio tuning forks under the name “Holy Harmony”


Re-tune your dial!!!

www.111Hz.com – The website for all things 111Hz.  Coming soon

www.ahava528.com –  An amazing project in Israel (website in Hebrew) with the use of the solfeggio frequencies played into water whilst people are floating receiving the sacred sonic codes with amazing results.  You can also check out their Youtube channel here.

www.Love528.com – Dr Leonard Horowitz’s website regarding the 528Hz solfeggio frequency.

Pi, Phi and 528Hz – More key information regarding the importance of 528Hz and the Fibonacci sequence

Re-Tune your instrument – Musicians can now learn how to re-tune their instruments to the Key of Love. Click here for more info.  N.B. This only tunes your guitar/instrument to 396Hz and 528Hz since the structure of the solfeggio doesn’t fit the equal-tempered/piano scale fully.  Please note that by retuning your instrument so that A = 444Hz instead of 440Hz does not give you all the other solfeggio frequencies because they are different systems.  The equal-tempered scale was created so musicians can play together, the solfeggio is based on the maths of the human body, e.g. bones/DNA.  Which one would you prefer to listen to?  Best choice of musical tuning is 432Hz.  This also directly interfaces with the maths of the Zobet.

www.scotthuckabay.com – The beauty-full guitar genius of Scott where he uses different magical guitar techniques to make it sound like a whale or dolphin and he’s also one of the first musicians this century to tune his guitar to the 528Hz frequency and make six CD’s using this since 2007.  Click here for more.


www.earthdance.org – Global Dance Party for Planetary Peace

www.essense.me – Sacred Space Club Events in London featuring a Love Beam “Om” meditation.  Come and feel the unity vibe!

www.emissaryoflight.com – James Twyman’s wonderful peace work etc

www.kundalini-dance.com – Leyolah’s Kundalini Dance is a contemporary form of ecstatic dance where one activates the kundalini energy so you enter into the body/mind consciousness to gain insight and healing for body, mind and soul

Sacred Geometry/Sacred Mathematics

www.jainmathemagics.com – Jain’s amazing view on Vedic Mathematics and the magic of Phi!  Many DVD’s and books available.

www.soulinvitation.com or www.goldenmeaninfo.com – Dan Winter’s source for inspirational writing and sharing the wisdom of feeling alive. Masses of amazing revelations on the magic of the Phi/Golden Mean ratio and living a fractal life i.e. in a house with little or no metal.

www.liquidfiremantra.com to get their beautifully-crafted double helix pendants, magical mother of pearl earrings and Flower of Life rings.

www.naturalintegrity.co.uk and www.etsy.com/shop/ThoughtCrystals for my friend Ben’s beautiful sacred geometry jewellery

www.zaykayglasscreations.com for the awesome creations of Asaf Zakay and his very beautiful Flower of Life jewellery (see below) and sacred geometry glass creations – click here


www.thefinchleyclinic.com – London’s clinic for bio-electric therapy, oxygen and ozone therapy and much more!

www.mercola.com – Begin your journey to independent health!

www.wddty.co.uk – Learn the secrets of good health, what works and what doesn’t

www.neilcherry.com – More about radiation (from microwaves, radio frequency, mobiles etc) and its effects on our health and our children’s health

www.earthbreathing.co.uk – Learn more about how our body relies on the Earth’s vibration and how radiation from mobiles affects this

www.bemri.org – The most cutting-edge, un-censored scientific data on the truth behind the technology we are using today, including real research on mobile phones, wifi/wireless internet, DECT cordless phones, bluetooth, TETRA and what’s really killling our bees globally, click here

www.petaltone.co.uk   – Unique natural plant energy essences for space clearing, aura protection and healing.  They sell a particularly good EMF protection essence that I have personally tried and wholeheartedly recommend!

www.solarhealing.com – Ever thought of living on just the rays of the sun!  An Indian gentleman called Hira Ratan Manek has and has been doing so for the past 9 years!  He teaches how you use this amazing spiritual technique and change your life!

www.thebestdayever.com – David Wolfe’s amazing wisdom around how to achieve a rejuvenated body and full energy and enjoyment from your life with info on raw food, juicing, exercise and all the mental, physical and spiritual benefits etc

www.innerlightpregnancy.com – Kyla Williams offers a wonderful midwifery service (based in Brighton) for natural home and water births.  She heads up a network of midwives in Brighton and since the frequencies are wonderful endorphin releasers they can be used during a water birth (with underwater speakers) to create not only pain relief for the baby and the mother but a lovely sacred space for the baby to be welcomed into!  The birthing mother can also listen to the audio download “The Unity Codes” (shortly to be available thru this website) during the whole pregnancy to help her tune in on a deeper level and also provide a deeply relaxing space for her baby, and if she chooses a water birth, it can then prepare her and the child. If the baby has been listening to these frequencies in utero, then it’s something familiar for the baby during birth and also helps to provide a lovely sacred space for them both. Check back in the next few months for fertility/pregnancy/birth audio download products to be available and testimonials are being sought for this beauty-full work so if you have an interest in birthing your baby in water with the frequencies, please get in touch.  Click here

Other Healing Sessions

Wissam Awad (Raynes Park and Balham)

www.WissamBeWell.com – Wissam is a highly skilled and intuitive therapist specialising in Hypnothrapy, Past and Current Life Regression and advanced Life Between Lives sessions. For more information see his website.

Other Music

www.scotthuckabay.com – The beauty-full guitar genius of Scott where he uses different techniques to make his guitar sound like a whale or dolphin and is also one of the first musicians to tune his guitar to the 528Hz frequency!!!

www.kenjiwilliams.com – The incredible musical world of Kenji and ABA Structure and his collaboration with visionary artist Alex Grey