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Would you love to share the power of healing vibrations with others and earn up to 30% commission while doing it?  If so, we would love to have you join a fast growing community sharing good vibrations all over the world!

You will earn 30% on ALL digital downloads including all audios, videos, eBooks, 10-15% on most courses (10% when sold with a special launch offer) and 10% on ALL physical products e.g. tuning forks, chimes, Flower of Life table covers, and other instruments.  Check under the Shop to share the wide selection of all the good vibes available!   Want to study with me and earn while you learn?  Now's your chance!

As an affiliate, you will get commission from any transaction made on my website by any customer that was referred by you.  Once a customer clicks on any of your affiliate links and purchases a product, if they decide to buy that specific product or that plus something else, or something else entirely, you will still get commission for any of those sales.  Obviously if you want to share about different products you will need different links for every product so they can read about each one first, so it’s really good to know that my website has got your back on ensuring you get the most out of having joined as an affiliate!

PAYPAL: Please check you have also given us the correct Paypal email address so we can pay you your well earned commission every month!

SIGN UP HERE: https://eeshirahart.net/affiliate-home/affiliate-register/ and once your application is approved, you can start sharing the good vibes with your community & beyond!

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N.B. If you've got any questions, kindly email us with "Affiliate Questions" in the subject line here

Thanks so much.

Wishing you a fabulous high vibe life wherever you are!

Harmonious vibrations 2u!

Eeshi-Ra & the High Vibe Team!
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