Why 111Hz and Why now?

This 1 hr 27 minute MP4 video download is from my presentation that was originally given at the Archaeo-Acoustics conference at the Istanbul Technical University in November 2015, and then subsequently at SOAS University in London in 2017, then at the New Healing Festival in Berlin in 2018, then at the EMEX International Sound Healing Summit broadcast online in October 2019 & most recently at the World Parliament Summit in 2020.  It seeks to join the dots between ancient archaeology, gematria (ancient number codes/numerology), atomic structure, scientific discovery, cymatics & more!

  • Why is this particular frequency so important as a tool at such a challenging time on this planet?
  • What did the ancients know that can help humanity at this time?
  • What are its important effects on the brain?
  • Where is it already being used in the medical world today?
  • Can it help us care more for each other?
  • Could it be that this frequency is the perfect catalyst for our turbulent times?
  • Can it bring transformation and healing to the busy, hectic 21st Century Western lifestyle to give humanity a much-needed reboot of our human bio-computer to reclaim the truth of who we really are?
  • Does it actually speak to our DNA?
  • What’s it got to do with Pete Townsend of The Who anyway?
  • What does Da Vinci and the Last Supper painting have to say about it?
  • What’s it got to do with the main elements in the human body?
  • Is it a sonic reset button that the ancients knew about that is so simple, yet profound?
  • Is it to support the awakening of God in our body?

Come and find out!

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111Hz Masterclass Webinar Series

Want to get the latest 111Hz research?  Launched February 2024.  Check out the 111Hz Masterclass Series focused mainly on the Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Benefits & scroll to the bottom or click on the different webinar images below.  Kindly note the first part of each webinar shares similar introductory information and then the latest scientific research for each benefit.

Mental Benefits

Is there a link between 111Hz, boosting brain function, autism & resetting the reptilian brain’s survival instinct of fight, flight, freeze & fawn?  Come and find out!  Click the webinar icon below or here to get the full Masterclass Series

Emotional Benefits

Is there a link between 111Hz & depression, anxiety, stress & the ability to feel pleasure?  Come and find out!
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Physical Benefits

Is there a link between 111Hz and drug addiction, pain relief, insomnia & reversing ageing?  Come and find out!
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Spiritual Benefits

Is there a link between 111Hz, the Last Supper painting, spiritual awakening, the pineal & DNA activation?  Come and find out!  Click the webinar icon below or here to get the full Masterclass Series

Exploding the Myths to find the Magic

There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet about this fascinating subject.  Is it just a distraction from the real science, maths and sacred wisdom behind these number codes?  It’s time to set the record straight on quite a few points.  I presented this at the Globe Sound Healing Conference in California in September 2014 and now I share the real juice with you!  (56 minute presentation)

  • What’s the real translation in Genesis of “In the beginning was the …?
  • Was Dr Joseph Puleo the only one who “received” the codes?
  • What is the Bible anyway?
  • Is the solfeggio really a musical scale?
  • What does it have to do with St John the Baptist?
  • Is 528Hz the Miracle frequency?  Can it really repair DNA?
  • Did the Nazis change musical tuning to 440Hz?
  • What is the Devil’s tone?  Does it occur in these number codes?
  • Where else are these codes found?
  • Is there a code in the human body?
  • What’s so important about the number 24?
  • What does all this have to do with the movie “Contact”?
  • Is 666 really about the Church of Satan or something else far more important?
  • What is “the Key” to the door? and what’s that got to do with the movie “Inception”?
  • How do these codes benefit the human body?
  • Where are they used in the medical world today?

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The Holy Grail & Sound

Filmed in April 2013 in Australia, this is available as an MP4 video download, and is probably my most exciting discovery yet!!  It’s almost 3 hours long and comes with a relaxing 15 minute sound healing attunement at the end to help you integrate the information and also attune to the frequencies with a 396Hz and 528Hz crystal bowl meditation.  Recommended viewing if you’re not able to attend one of my presentations and also great as a reminder if you have.

Whilst I was preparing for this presentation, through an amazing synchronicity I was guided to a book in a Glastonbury secondhand bookstore that took me on an exciting journey of finding how these frequencies are connected to an ancient civilisation many have forgotten!  As I was researching, I also made a truly stunning discovery of how the solfeggio frequencies are also related to the Holy Grail!  To have these ancient secrets revealed in jaw dropping details from years of research, get your personal copy by simply clicking here or on the DVD cover image below NOW!

Solfeggio, 432Hz, and Musical Tunings Interview with sacred sound expert Randy Masters

Randy Masters is a sound healing, maths & sacred geometry expert & musician/composer.  It was so wonderful to chat with this amazingly inspiring deeply attuned man who has been my mentor and guiding light since 2001.  Here he helps answer some of the confusion and misinformation currently circulating on the internet in this 90 minute interview.

Some of the topics included are:-

  • If you re-tune your instrument to a different tuning system does this really give you the solfeggio frequencies?
  • Is the solfeggio a musical scale or something else?
  • Do musicians in orchestras play the solfeggio?
  • Are there 6 notes in the solfeggio or more?
  • Was the solfeggio used in music or in something else?
  • What might have been the real origin of Gregorian chant?
  • Did the Nazis bring in A440Hz tuning?
  • Why was A440Hz tuning really brought in?
  • What tuning did other composers use?
  • Which orchestra used to use 432Hz tuning?
  • Does the body naturally tune to the Western piano scale?
  • What kind of tuning can give you A440, G396 and C528Hz combined? (Just Diatonic scale)
  • What does this have to do with crop circles?
  • Does A444Hz tuning really give you the solfeggio tones?
  • Does A440Hz tuning cause disease/damage to the DNA?
  • What is different between making music & sound healing?
  • Where do the codes of the solfeggio/Zobet occur on Earth?
  • What sound healing frequencies harmonise at a cellular level? – What came first the piano or the Universe?
  • What discovery regarding the solfeggio was made by Eeshi-Ra Hart in 2006?
  • How does 432Hz tuning compare with the solfeggio?
  • Who’s been using 444Hz tuning for the last 20 years?
  • Where does the number 432 exist in our solar system?
  • What pitch some say does a baby’s first cry have?
  • What’s another difference tone between the solfeggio codes?
  • What frequency in sound healing produces a lot of tension?
  • What frequency stimulates nitric oxide release in the body?
  • Where else does 432 appear as a sacred number?
  • What colour of light is 432 in nanometers?
  • What’s the highest choice for musical tuning?
  • What tuning fork do chiropractors and doctors use?
  • What frequencies might be able to activate the DNA?

Activate your Divine DNA Blueprint

dvd-front-coverThis is my first DVD which is 82 minutes long and is an in-depth exploration of the main key points of the significance of the Zobet (solfeggio) at this time for humanity and it brings together many seemingly unrelated subjects into one arena.  This is a video taken of one of my workshops that combines a keynote presentation with two guided meditations to shift blocked energy in the body using the solfeggio frequencies (396Hz and 528Hz crystal bowls). Click on back cover below to see the full info on what’s covered!

Recommended viewing if you’ve not attended a workshop and want to know more about this fascinating subject, feel into these amazing healing vibrations and also good as a reminder if you have studied with me.

UPDATE: Now includes FREE BONUS “Exploding the Myths” PDF from my Globe Sound Healing Conference given in September 2014 as my research has now been updated since this was filmed.  The “Exploding the Myths” MP4 video is also available separately.

For instant access, get the video download!  All you’ll need is a fast internet connection and you either stream live or download.  Up to you!dvd-back-cover

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There are other titles on offer e.g. “The Holy Grail & Sound”, “The King/Queen and the Land are One”, “God’s Secret Sonic Formula”.

“God’s Secret Sonic Formula” was produced after “Activate your Divine DNA Blueprint”, then came “The King/Queen and the Land are One”, then “The Holy Grail & Sound”, then “Why 111Hz & Why Now?”, then “Exploding the Myths to find the Magic” and most recently as of February 2024, my 111Hz Masterclass Series.  If you’re just starting out with this work I would recommend getting the first DVD “Activate your Divine DNA Blueprint” and depending on your interest you can either follow that with “The Holy Grail & Sound”or “Explode the Myths” and if you want to do further study with the number codes and how they relate to our divinity and the Earth, then get “The King/Queen and the Land are One”.  Email me if you’d like more information here.

Meditations as featured on the DVD

The King/Queen and the Land are One

If you’d like to journey more deeply into the maths behind the solfeggio frequencies and how it relates to you and your body, nature, Earth and the cosmos, check out this video download available now!  This bring the works of Bonnie Gaunt to a wider audience (which she kindly gave her blessing to for the upliftment of humanity) to see how the amazing number codes or as the ancients called it, Gematria relates to the solfeggio!

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God’s Secret Sonic Formula

This 90 minute video download is of a talk about the amazing discovery I made in 2006 relating to the solfeggio and the fascinating research of German chemist & inventor of silicon rocket fuel Dr Peter Plichta!  Could they relate to the codes of the Universe?  Come and find out!

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