God’s Secret Sonic Formula

God’s Secret Sonic Formula


Is there a code that reveals that God exists?

Find out here!



This 90 min video download is of a talk about the amazing discovery I made in 2006 relating to the solfeggio and the research of German physicist Dr Peter Plichta! For more info, please click on the second image.  (162 MB MP4 video file) N.B. This is an MP4 so can play in either QuickTime (Mac) or VLC Media Player which is free to download.  © Copyright 2018 Eeshira Hart (previously Ashera)/Sonic Life Solutions – All Rights Reserved. (IMPORTANT: This is a big file to download, please ensure you have a good internet connection beforehand. Download link expires after 72 hours. All downloads must be downloaded onto a computer first so they can then be unzipped.  If you’re on a Mac simply double click and it will unzip automatically, or use WinZip software if you’re on a PC).

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