Frequently Asked Questions

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How does sound healing work?

Everything inside us and outside us is vibration.  Those vibrations are either harmonious, life-enhancing or are imbalanced, unharmonious, dissonant and life-diminishing. The technical term for sound healing is psycho-acoustics and sound healing works by a process of entrainment.  This can also help synchronise all major body pulses e.g. heartbeat, breathing, cranio-sacral fluid in the spine and internal organs. The Universe likes to work efficiently with energy constantly seeking a natural balance.  When the body is out of balance and is given a harmonious influence like the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet (where the solfeggio come from), it will naturally start to recalibrate to a more balanced and optimised state.

Will it help me?

Unless you live completely in harmony with your body, nature, living with shoes off, in a completely natural environment and are fully balanced in every area of your life, it is safe to say that you may well benefit from harmonising any imbalances.  If you suffer from stress or any kind of fear-based energy, physical tension, depression, a feeling of being ‘out of tune’ or any other negative symptom experienced from living in the hectic lifestyle of today, you may well benefit from the use of the Zobet (solfeggio) sound healing audios available on this website.

Why is solfeggio sound healing so powerful?

  What I love about sound is that it bypasses the often doubting and sceptical mind and speaks directly to the brain and the rest of the body.  When the body starts to tune in, rebalance and get deeply relaxed, then the mind starts to let go and surrender to the beneficial feelings of being in balance on all levels.

Why is it best listened to on headphones?

  This ultimate stress-relief audio is best listened to on headphones so that you can receive the maximum benefit of these frequencies and 111Hz for your body.  However, playing through speakers is also very beneficial, although effects may be reduced.

Is it important to have the volume up high?

When you listen to the Zobet (solfeggio sound healing frequencies), you are essentially giving the body mathematical/healing codes in sound, so the volume is not that important, as results may easily be produced simply by having it played at a low volume.  For example, a sick teenage daughter lying in bed next to her mother when she was listening to the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet on headphones still produced a very beneficial & rebalancing for her daughter!

How long do I need to listen to this solfeggio sound healing audio for?

It is recommended that the audio be used once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks to maximise the benefits and thereafter as required i.e. what feels right for you.  Trust your body and what it needs!  Please read the guidance notes on the inner sleeve (provided with the download) before use.

Is there anything that might stop me feeling the benefits?

The healthier your body is in terms of the quality of your blood, the more your senses will be heightened, so it’s easier for you to tune in more deeply with what’s happening in your body.  Things that can numb out our senses include: meat, wheat (bread, pasta, pizza etc), dairy (cheese, yoghurt, milk, eggs), processed food (e.g. frozen, canned, pre-cooked, pre-packaged), inorganic food (i.e. commercially-grown & pesticide-laden), alcohol, caffeine, dehydration and any chemicals we might be absorbing from chemically-based personal care products e.g. shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, moisturiser, make-up etc.

Is there a better time of day to use the frequencies?

Given that the body may be more sensitive after a good night’s sleep, having detoxified during the night, listening to the 20 minute version of The Unity Codes before getting out of bed, can tune you in and get you nicely balanced, energised and focused for your day.  The 20 minute version also has grounding frequencies in it to help you bounce out of bed ready for action!  If you’re stressed out at work and your mind is still racing before going to bed, the frequencies, when used regularly, (either 40 minute or 1 hour version of The Unity Codes or other solfeggio sound healing audio) are great for helping you get off to sleep.  The Russians have been working with 111Hz for insomnia since the 1940’s!

Why is it important to drink water when listening to this audio?

  Since your body is made up of about 70-75% water, as your body transforms its vibrational signature, water is an important helper to enable this transition to be as smooth a process as possible.  It is recommended that you drink at least 1-2 glasses of water before and after listening to this audio, as you may find that you naturally get thirsty whilst you listen, and this is a natural signal from your body to help you shift easily and effortlessly.  With today’s hectic lifestyles, most people are dehydrated anyway.  In “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” Dr Batmanghelidj found chronic dehydration to be the cause of many conditions including asthma, allergies, arthritis, angina, migraine headaches, hypertension, raised cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and diabetes in the elderly and he also explains why tea, coffee, and sodas are not good substitutes for water.

How does solfeggio sound healing audio lovingly created by Eeshi-Ra and Sonic Life Solutions compare with other solfeggio sound healing audio?

Most other solfeggio sound healing audio sold online is artificially-created, i.e. using tones that have been created from a computer.  Whilst it is useful to listen to individual solfeggio frequencies even if they are artificially created, most are not offering you the full spectrum of the frequencies, since there are a lot more than just 6 or 9!! They are also not using the frequencies in a way to give the maximum benefit to YOU!  It’s also far better to give to the body high quality, natural, acoustic recordings of special created and alchemically-tuned tuning forks (the best quality on the planet!).  Other recordings of crystal bowl meditations shortly to be available on this website.

Is Zobet (solfeggio sound healing) audio (e.g. The Unity Codes, Fertility etc) like binaural beats?

A more accurate description would be that the Zobet (solfeggio sound healing) frequencies produce a heterodyning effect.  Binaural beats or binaural tones are sounds, the perception of which arise in the brain for a specific type of physical effect.  This effect was first discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhem Dove and they are well known to help influence the brain through entrainment of the brainwaves producing different brainwave states e.g. Theta, Alpha that induce states of relaxation, meditation, creativity and other beneficial mental states.  The effect is produced whilst using stereo headphones and the effect on your brainwave state depends on which frequencies are used. e.g. If 300Hz is played to one ear and 310Hz is played to the other, then the binaural beat produced would have a frequency of 10Hz.  The solfeggio frequencies work with the frequency of 111Hz that is well known (Princeton University [1994 – Dr Robert Jahn] & UCLA [2008 – Dr Ian Cook]) for inducing a Theta state of deep relaxation.

A Theta state is most common pre and post sleep and other benefits include:-

  • Great for meditation, problem-solving, super-learning, creativity, enhanced visualisation/dream recall, creativity, reprogramming your mind etc.
  • Theta is also linked to states of deep relaxation/ meditation, mental reverie, increased visualisation, creativity, boosted immune system, increased sex drive and many other positive influences.
  • It can also decrease stress & certain stress-related chemicals in the body.
  • It can also enhance your perception of things and boost holistic thought-flowing ability.
  • Ideal state for reducing mental fatigue, helping with a strong internal focus, brainstorming, problem-solving, enhancing memory, super-learning, accessing inner wisdom/intuition, transforming limiting beliefs, dream recall etc

A Theta brainwave state is, however, just one of many other benefits that the Zobet give.  Check out The Unity Codes benefits here that include the benefits of 111Hz here and also see question below regarding Holosync for more details.

Stress Relief Sound Healing Audio

How does the solfeggio sound healing Stress Relief guided audio compare with other binaural beat audio like Holosync or Hemisync?
In short, the Zobet is way beyond binaural beats!  Whereas Holosync or Hemisync are known to create a binaural beat inducing different brainwave states, Sonic Life Solutions’ Universal Sound Technology not only produces a Theta brainwave state but also produces many other benefits that include:-

Hemipsheric rebalancing – It can also help balance both sides of the brain, giving more focus and clarity, getting us out of our head and into our body.  From our logical, rational mind into a more in-tuitive feeling, sensing mode so you may get more deeply in touch with how you really feel.  A UCLA study (2008) showed a temporary shifting from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing & in people who were regularly listening to 111Hz, they would be turning on the part of the brain that relates to mood, empathy and social behaviour.  It also stimulates the parts of the brain involved in speech, memory, and hearing … and the pre-frontal region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behaviours, personality expression, and moderating correct social behaviour.  Can help schizo-phrenia, bipolar disorder and ADHD etc.

Endorphin release – Endorphins are “feel-good” chemicals and are produced naturally by the body during times of exercise or injury to promote a feeling of well-being and for pain relief.  Endorphins are also well known to boost the immune system, slow the growth of cancer cells (Dr Bihari – LDN and Cancer 2004, click here for more info) and increase relaxation.  Endorphins are also released using 111Hz in therapies such as CES and NET so are very helpful for depression, addiction and insomnia.  For example, in 1983, Pete Townshend of the band the Who recovered from his heroin addiction using 111Hz.  (Dr Meg Patterson –

Stress relief – Due to the Theta brainwave state, the many brain rebalancing effects and the endorphin effects, the solfeggio audio is great to help de-stress you so you can find more peace, focus and access your peak potential.

Emotional harmonisation – Due to the brain rebalancing, de-stressing, relaxing and endorphin-producing effects of 111Hz, this produces a harmonisation of our emotions that can help elevate our mood and therefore produce many other benefits as a result e.g. relationship with self, others, ability to handle stress more effectively etc.

Physical recalibration – Since the mathematical codes of the solfeggio are based on the mathematical blueprint of the body (e.g. bones/DNA etc), this enables us to get more in tune physically, perhaps inspiring a healthier diet, deeper breathing, etc

Spiritual attunement – The frequencies are able to help you achieve more unity within, to help release blockages that are holding our bodies and energy fields in a place of disconnect.  A personal tuning fork therapy session can also release the disconnects (or miasms) often held in the surrounding merkaba/light field.  Once these blockages are cleared, you can then not just resonate with the thought “We are One” but more deeply feel your connection to your higher self and the divine/Creator consciousness.  This deeper connection can then inspire you in a variety of ways, finding your higher purpose, or simply living more harmoniously with yourself, others, the Earth so you create more peace and joy in your life.

To get your copy of The Unity Codes right now, go here.

What is Ambisonics?

Ambisonics surround“Ambisonics” refers to the scientific theory of sound localization, and an emerging set of techniques for 3D audio recording and reproduction invented by Michael Gerzon at Oxford University, UK.  Ambisonic surround sound uses multiple speakers co-operatively to create a unified sound-field that results in a sonically immersive 3D holographic listening experience.

Recently, an innovation was made for converting an ambisonic signal to a two channel binaural audio file that is intended for playback on headphones and this re-creates the fully-immersive sonic experience of ambisonic surround sound. This process has been applied to the Ambisonic Headphone mixes shortly to be available on this website. (The technical paper can be found here).  This is a result of my collaboration with my colleague and friend sound healing music producer & pioneer Elan Rosenman of Audio Elixir.  To see a video interview with Elan go here.

solfeggio sound healing, courses, tuning forksThe advantage of this technique is that the ear and brain can resolve sound in a much more ‘organic’ and relaxing way. In addition, the spatially dynamic experience of holographic audio can stimulate our active and passive listening mechanisms in a unique way; allowing the information in the audio, to reach more deeply into the mind, heart, body, and consciousness.

To learn more about active and passive listening, please go here and you can purchase special ambisonic headphone mixes of The Unity Codes here with different kinds of nature sounds blissfully blended with them.