Go here to find a wide selection of guided audios that include the potency of the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet (where the solfeggio come from), combined with deeply relaxing nature sounds and a guided practice from one a selection of top development experts with a choice of the different Guided Audios here e.g. Breathing, Energetic Massage, Fertility, Pregnancy, Self Pleasuring or Stress Relief.

or if you’d like to listen to these amazing sound healing frequencies from special alchemically-made, precision-tuned tuning forks using either solfeggio/Zobet frequencies, or the natural frequencies of the Earth (Schumann, Geomagnetic, Om – Earth’s rotation around the Sun) combined with the potency of 111Hz and nature sounds to reset your natural connection with the Earth and clear out and protect you from the impacts of technology with nothing else i.e. no guided practice, so you can journey deeply to reset your whole system, clear, rebalance, uplift, energise, and more deeply align and attune with all that you are, find the links here.  Ones for clearing out energy blocks and activating your DNA (The Unity Codes here), earthing you deeply (Earthing here) and helping you get your meditating monk zen on (The 108 Gamma Codes here)!