Here is the wide choice of different sound healing instruments available.  Either click on the instrument name below or navigate via the Shop/Sound Healing Instruments menu tabs to find out more & to purchase.

These include:-

432Hz & 440Hz Shruti boxes with padded bag

432Hz & 440Hz Harmoniums & Travel Cases with wheels

528Hz Temple Bells with gemstone adornments (Sanctum and Lotus designs)

Dorje Bells & Vajra sets with cases

Gongs & Gong Stands to suit your size gong

Singing Bowls – High Quality Himalayan Golden Bowls, Mantra Fine Etched Bowls, Himalayan Golden & Mantra Fine Etched Standing Bowls

Singing Bowl Accessories – Wooden Mallets, Red Felt Drumsticks & Hand made Nepalese Cushions

Solfeggio Chimes

Solfeggio Hand Drums

Tingsha Chimes & Cases