Leading Sound Journeys Online Course

Leading Sound Journeys Online Course



Learn over 25 different ways
use the science of
sound healing frequency
to mastery level

Perfect for newbies to sound
and for active practitioners
to uplevel their skills
to offer even more benefits
to their clients!



The Online Training includes:-

  • 12.5 HOURS of Sound Healing Mentoring with the latest in Wholistic Sonic Science sound healing research
  • 62 TRAINING VIDEOS (in High Quality .MP4 video format)
    • Crystal Instruments & Bowls – 14 minutes 42 seconds
    • Tuning Forks – 19m 32s
    • Chimes & Wah Wahs – 19m 16s
    • Gongs – 7m 41s
    • Temple Bells demo – 16m 23s (part of Trigons, Plates, Bells, Tingshas & Kalimba video)
    • Voice & Mantra – 18m 18s
    • Rainstick & Ocean Drums – 13m 44s
    • Medicine Drum – 6m 21s
    • Shamanic Rattles & Shakers –  10m 18s
  • 15-26 MINUTE INTRO CLASSES by GUEST TEACHERS: Gongs (16m 56s), Singing Bowls (26m), Medicine Drum (20m 33s), Native American Flute (21m 26s) and Handpan (16m 38s).  Advanced courses also available eg didjeridu sound healing, handpan etc.  Check the full 17 page Intro Classes content breakdown here.
  • DEMO SOUND JOURNEY (58 minutes) with multiple instruments (.MP4 High Quality video)
  • 3 PRE-SESSION MP3 AUDIOS (Earthing, Flower of Life & Violet Flame) – To clear, ground and energise before or after a session
  • 12 TOP TIPS & ZOOM SETTINGS for ONLINE JOURNEYS (See Section 26 video)
  • 5 PAGE COURSE WEBLINKS PDF for easy access of all course links
  • BONUS FREE 111Hz VIDEO (1 hour 27 mins) – International Sound Summit Slideshow Presentation (in High Quality .MP4 video format) (£20 VALUE)
  • BONUS FREE SONIC SANCTUM 20 MIN AUDIO – For self care and space clearing (MP3 tuning fork sound healing audio) (£15 VALUE); and
  • BONUS FREE EARTHING 20 MIN AUDIO – To ground before or after a journey or a client session and to reset the body’s natural connection to the Earth after using technology (MP3 tuning fork sound healing audio) (£15 VALUE)
  • BONUS EARTH SKY MEDITATION (.MP4 High Quality video) (£15 VALUE)
  • Practitioner Certificate of Completion (Kindly email upon completion)
  • Special Practitioner Discounts on sound healing courses, audios and DVD’s/video downloads to keep yourself clear, energised, and tuned in! (See Other Offerings video when you sign up & the PDF is here!)
  • Want an extra discount? Are you a newbie to Sound Healing?  When you sign up for Leading Sound Journeys you can also receive a special discount code for  “Intro to Sound Healing”

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