For many conditions, we may need medical treatment, but obviously where possible, it’s always best to opt for natural treatments if we want fully heal.  When our body gets sick, I do believe that it’s trying to communicate with us that something is out of balance and/or not right and maybe we stopped listening to those warning signs or we simply don’t know how to listen so we didn’t notice what was happening.

For me anyway, I usually see it as an invitation to some kind of spiritual teaching or initiation on how can we learn to love ourselves and our body more deeply.  This is what I believe the healing journey is all about.  Nothing happens by chance.  Is now the time when we no longer look outside ourselves for someone to “fix us” because that often doesn’t work, because it’s something we actually need to CHANGE inside ourselves, or in how we live, because it’s up to us to take responsibility for our body, our health, our life and our future, so can we find the gift within the challenge that presents itself on this path of awakening & embodying the Divine within?

Since many of us today have such a busy life and may be very out of touch with themselves, their bodies, what they feel, what is making them feel good and what is not, it’s far easier for them to miss the warning signs of poor health.  Many of us may have sedentary jobs, so we are perhaps less active with less exercise, or maybe we find it difficult to find the time to be in nature, slow down, breathe, drop out of our busy mind and simply BE rather than DO.

Many us not may not realise how the food they we, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the products we use, other lifestyle choices and the use of technology (phones, tablets, computers, WiFi etc) can all negatively impact our health and our ability to feel!  If we CAN feel, we CAN heal!  When we can feel, we can more easily tune in and know what FEELS like a healthier choice!

If we ignore the signs, refuse to listen, resist the lesson, keep pushing our bodies because of that next deadline (instead of a lifeline!), we will keep getting the same lesson (discomfort, pain, poor sleep, indigestion, low energy, muscle tension, or something more serious) until we finally face it.  Feel it, embrace it, accept it and then take ACTION and make the necessary changes so we can finally move beyond it!

If we ask the right questions like “what is this health issue trying to tell me?” or “what do I need to change in order to feel healthier?”, these are great places to start!

The good news is, that if we have created a certain health challenge on some level as a lesson to evolve, we CAN un-CREATE it if we so choose!  We don’t  have to feel we are victims of circumstance here or have this dis-ease become our identity (“I suffer from ….”).

We also don’t have to agree with any death sentence that gets given to us by a health professional who may not have our best interests at heart, e.g. “You’re going to die in 2 weeks if you don’t….”  This is called the nocebo effect.  We all know about the placebo effect where healing happens simply because of our belief in a certain pill or procedure to work and yet it’s our belief that heals us, not that sugar pill or surgery that never happened.  I’m sure you’ve all heard of patients who have been told they’re going to die in 2 weeks and sadly they’ve obeyed that health professional, and done just that, but there’s also all those patients who increasingly refuse to accept an unhealthy diagnosis (die-gnosis – death of gnosis ‘knowledge’) and it’s become the catalyst that inspires them to change their life and heal themselves completely.   It’s important to remember that such a diagnosis can only ever be a prediction based on the patient doing nothing to change their state of health.  We only have to look at the Amazon bookstore which is full of books today by people who have overcome the odds healing themselves from injuries, cancer, M.S., etc.  We CAN and DO heal when we take ALL the necessary steps to do what’s right for us to return to complete health.

The Unity Codes 1 hourSpecific sound healing frequencies that have been scientifically researched and used widely in many different modalities today can be very supportive during a time of sickness as they can help rebalance our brain so we can think more clearly, deeply relax us, uplift our mood, relieve pain, balance our sleep/wake cycles, body metabolism & temperature, help us ground, etc.  When we are more in tune with our body we can feel what is going on for us.

Stress Relief 2019I’ve done my best to reverse-engineer the human condition for decades now and I love to share different ways of using sound healing frequencies in sessions (e.g. Body Sonics, Sonic Soul Retrieval, Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Earthing Tuning Forks, etc), tuning forks and other instruments and tuning fork audios which offer not only the frequencies themselves, but also include many silent prayers, affirmations, positive healing thoughts and embodied energy transmissions to support any energy shifts in the body so it can more easily come back into a state of health.  Some of these sessions are available online e.g. Body Sonics, Sonic Soul Retrieval and all tuning forks and tuning fork audios e.g. The Unity Codes, Earthing, Stress Relief, Breathing, Energetic Massage etc are available for purchase.  I truly believe that sound healing frequencies are some of the most profound healing tools we have available to us now and as psychic Edgar Cayce once said “Sound will be the medicine of the Future”…. and with sound healing having gone mainstream in early 2020, I do believe the Future is NOW!

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