Cellular Sonics DEEP SLEEP Forks


Bliss out at the end
of a busy day
and enjoy deeper
& more restful sleep!



Learn how to use tuning forks to treat insomnia and bliss out at the end of a busy day for a deep and restful sleep.  Kiss goodbye to all those sleepless nights!

Benefits include:-

  • Stress Relief – Enhances deep relaxation after a stressful or busy day
  • Calms, uplifts and encourages deeper sleep (as used in Russia for insomnia since the 1940’s due to beta-endorphin stimulation)
  • Brings gentle sonic sedative effects
  • Relieves inner restlessness or anxiety with soothing peace
  • Helps to ground shifting out of the mind & into the body
  • Rebalances the brain and nervous system and encourages a deeper internal focus
  • Relieves muscle tension that encourages deeper breathing to aid easier sleep
  • Access deeper states of meditation and inner peace
  • Wake up fresh, feeling truly regenerated and rejuvenated the next morning!

Tune in and drift off into deeper sleep with the many benefits of gentle, yet profound sound frequency!

  • DEEP SLEEP Personal Tuning Fork set of 3 forks in a blue velvet pouch

Sign up to the Deep Sleep course here and to learn all the Cellular Sonics protocols go here

N.B. Kindly allow 3-4 weeks for your forks to arrive if you live outside the USA otherwise 2-3 weeks.

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