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Earthing Tuning Fork Online Video Course


Learn how to use tuning forks to Earth the body with the natural vibrations of the Earth with just 5 tuning forks.  Great to de-stress, relax, clear, uplift, energise, rebalance, ground and centre using key meridian points and energy centres.

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Course includes:-

  • Over 3 hours of 11 slideshow videos
  • Special practitioner BONUS video
  • Over 1 hour of training videos showing all techniques on the back and front of the body, and the individual meridian points and energy centres on the back, feet, legs and up the front of the body & head.
  • 119 page manual (eBook & Print-ready formats) (see Earthing Course page for full index here)
  • Body Maps Front and Back, showing all points (Print & laminate for easy therapy practice)
  • Client Case History form
  • Case study form
  • 3 pre-session MP3 audios to clear or ground before or after sessions
  • 18 minute “Becoming the Tuning Fork” Meditation MP3 to expand your body awareness & consciousness
  • 1 hour Q & A Skype one-on-one with Eeshi-Ra
  • Certificate of Attendance upon completion after your 1 hour Skype
  • Full ongoing email support
  • BONUS “Why 111Hz and why now?” PDF
  • BONUS Amino Acids Brain Chemicals PDF
  • BONUS Chemicals to avoid in toiletries
  • BONUS “Optimising your Sessions” PDF
  • ENERGY FIELD IMAGING Infosheet to bring the science of the future to enhance your client sessions
  • TOTAL file size for downloads: approximately 780MB.  High quality & specially optimised for downloads. (N.B. Please ensure you have a good internet connection before downloading.  You have 7 days to download all the files)

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