Activate your Divine DNA Blueprint

//Activate your Divine DNA Blueprint

Activate your Divine DNA Blueprint

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Tune in with your Divine Blueprint of Creation!


This is an 82 minute in-depth exploration of the significance of the Zobet (solfeggio) at this time for humanity. Recommended viewing if you’ve not attending a workshop and also great as a reminder if you have. Includes two 396Hz & 528Hz meditations.(997 MB MP4 video file) PLUS BONUS “Explode the Myths” PDF (8 MB). N.B. This is an MP4 so can play in either QuickTime (Mac) or VLC Media Player which is free to download. For more info click on pic. © Copyright 2017 Eeshira Hart (previously Ashera)/UniPhi with Sound – All Rights Reserved. (IMPORTANT: This is a big file to download, please ensure you have a good internet connection beforehand. Download link expires after 72 hours. All downloads are individual files so they can easily be downloaded onto a computer, tablet, or smartphone rather than requiring decompression/unzip software after downloading).

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