Cellular Sonics Tuning Forks Online Course MODULE 3 TRAUMA

Cellular Sonics Tuning Forks Online Course MODULE 3 TRAUMA


Transforming at a structural
and a cellular level!



Learn how to use tuning forks to treat TRAUMA.

Offer EVEN BETTER healing outcomes for your patients with the many benefits of gentle, yet profound sound frequency!

Course includes:-

  • MODULE 3 TRAUMA – Cellular Sonics Tuning Forks Practitioner manual;
  • Training videos: initially calming the patient; Treating trauma: pelvic trauma, heart trauma, emotional trauma; treating concussion/head trauma, whiplash, treating post-surgery, self treatment and a grounding, integration & completion protocol.
  • 10 hours to put towards your CPD/CE/CPE points (Continuing Professional Development) upon completion
  • BONUS FREE Tuning Fork Research PDF on Treating Inflammation.
  • Affiliate Program to earn commission by encouraging clients to use forks for ongoing self-care.  More here.
  • Special practitioner discounts for other sound healing products, additional tuning forks, etc; and
  • Certificate of Attendance upon completion



WANT to get the PRACTITIONER FORKS TOO?  Click here.

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO ALSO TREAT: Patients with anxious/busy minds, calm babies/children, treat fractures, contusions/bruises, sprains and strains, treat headaches (general, frontal, temporal & sub-occipital), treat TMJ/tooth pain, treat chronic & acute pain, treat inflammation, neurological disorders, insomnia, pregnant patients & more!

Get the FULL course AND the forks here.

N.B. Kindly allow 4-5 weeks for your forks to arrive if you live outside the USA otherwise 2-3 weeks.  (IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have a good internet connection before downloading.  All videos in MP4 format that easily work on a PC or Mac.  You can either download or stream on a phone, tablet or computer for your convenience).

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