Tune in with the 108 codes of the Fibonacci and sacred geometry and journey into a deeply relaxing gamma brainwave state with binaural beat (dichotic) universal sound technology.

Research has shown that a Gamma brainwave state (starting at approximately 27Hz upwards) can take you into a heightened state for enhanced formation of ideas, cognitive ability, freedom from distractability, high levels of info-processing, focus, language & memory processing and learning. It may also increase feelings of compassion, perception, consciousness, happiness and be helpful for migraine prevention.  One study showed that gamma brainwave activity reinforces cognitive control of emotions which can help us to maintain emotional stability in our daily life.  They’ve also shown to be helpful with depression and can certainly be very energising as well.

Experiments with Tibetan Buddhist monks have shown a link between a transcendental state of meditation and gamma waves.   When monks were told to generate an objective feeling of compassion during meditation, their brain activity began to fire in a rhythmic, coherent manner, suggesting brain neurons were firing in harmony.  This was observed at a frequency of 25-40Hz, the typical rhythm of gamma waves.

This audio features pairs of Zobet tuning forks (where the solfeggio sound healing frequencies are sourced from) giving a binaural beat of either 27Hz or 54Hz.


  • 27Hz and 54Hz are harmonics of 432Hz (27 x 2 = 54 x 2 = 108 x 2 = 216 x 2 = 432 x 2 = 864 and 864,000 miles = radius of the Sun).
  • 54Hz is known for stimulating kundalini flow/body’s life force up the spine.

The many benefits of 108Hz also offered through these other lower and higher harmonics

  • e.g. 10.8Hz – detox & lymphatic drainage,
  • 10.8Hz boosts serotonin natural
  • 108Hz can be beneficial for the mind, boosts beta-endorphins, stimulates muscles and healing
  • 1080Hz is known to harmonise the heart
  • 10.8KHz may be helpful for detoxing and harmonising the energy field as is 108KHz and 1.08MHz.

These sonic codes tune us into the sacred language of 108 found present in most cultures globally.

Copyright Bernard Wimmer

108 is also found as a sacred code in:-

  • 108 beads in the Hindu/Japanese/Chinese Buddhist/Taoist prayer mala and in the Sikh religion they use 108 knots tied in a string of wool rather than beads
  • 108 sets of movements in the Chinese Tai Chi
  • 108 degrees in the Porphyrin molecule found in all animal and plant protoplasm (Book of Phi Chapter 7 p.137 Jain 108.com)
  • 108 degrees found in the Golden Mean Spiral (traveling from the Macro Universe down to the Micro Atomic realms, going from the long wave to the central short wave).
  • The first 24 numbers of Fibonacci add up to 108
  • 108 stages on the journey of the Soul or Atman
  • 108 taps used when making Eastern and Western homeopathics – tapped on the palm 108 times
  • 108 Tibetan prayers
  • 108 poses in cosmic dance Nataraj
  • 108 Sri yantra – 54 intersections or marmas where 3 lines interconnect. Each intersection has masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti qualities 54 x 2 = 108. 9 intersecting triangles as 9 inter-penetrating pyramids. This can be meditated upon the harmonise the mental, vital and lower Buddhic planes
  • 108 Gayatri Mantra
  • 108 degrees – Internal angles of an equilateral Pentagon or the external angles of a Pentagram/Pentacle
  • 108 Hindu deities, 108 Krishna Gopis, 108 Holy places, 108 Indian Goddess names and 108 Upanishads
  • 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet (both masculine and feminine x 2 = 108)
  • Higher harmonic octaves of the 3-4-5 right. Angled 108/3= 36. 144/4 = 36 and 180/5 = 36. The power of 3, 6 and 9!!
    Speed of Light, 144, 108 and 180 palindrome (All add up to 9)
  • 108 embedded in architecture of Angkor Wat, Cambodia (plus 54 and 540). 108 huge stone figures per avenue, 54 on each side, 540 statutes total and each row carries a huge Naga serpent with 9 heads.
  • 108 – 1+ 8 = 9, or 27 – 2 + 7 = 9 or 5 + 4 = 9 which is regarded as a potent number of completion before returning to the One/Unity. 10= 1+ 0 = 1 as the zero is not counted in Gematria (ancient numerology)
  • 108 repeatedly referred to in the Lankavatara Sutra
  • 108 – 1 = God/higher truth, 0 for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice and 8 for infinity/eternity
  • 54 steps up the Uxmal pyramid of the Magician in Yucatan, Mexico.
  • 54 jaguar heads in Macchu Picchu and 108 condors
  • One of the oldest temples in Tibet founded in 8th century by Padmasambhava in Samye had 108 chapels.
  • 108 = God in Islam
  • 108 “essences” given by Enki to Inanna (? Earliest reference in literature to 108)
  • The Book of Enoch (not now included in the current day bible has 108 chapters.
  • In Japan a bell is chimed 108 times to finish old year and welcome in the new. Each ring represents one of 108 earthly temptations a person must overcome to achieve nirvana.
  • In the Da’wa system of 28 Arabic letters with associated numerical values and divine attributes, 108 is associated with the letter Ha and has the attribute of “HAQ” which means “Truth e.g. An Arabic expression spoken by Jesus is: “Unna el Haq” = “I AM the truth”
  • There are 54 columns in the ancient temple at Baalbek/Heliopolis between Beirut and Damascus
  • 108 metre statue of Virgin Mary on top of Milan Cathedral in Italy
  • Magic Square of the Sun (36 digits) 108 columns (36 x 3 = 108) which keys into the Zobet frequencies that in pairs can offer 111 which is the total when adding the digits in the Magic Square of the Sun. “The intelligence of the Sun” = 111
  • The Jain religion highlights reference to time cycles of 24 and 108 which links the language of Primes, based on the code of 24 to the Zobet which are embedded in the Prime Number Cross which are used here for the sound healing audio; and many more!

(Research courtesy of Jain’s “The Book of Phi Volume 4 – Jain108.com)

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to master of sacred geometry and Phi ratio/galactic maths expert Jain for inspiring me to create this sound healing audio using one of his favourite numbers, hence his name Jain108!  Thank you Jain. 🙂 The 108 Gamma Codes audio got tested out by my good friend Jain when I visited him in Australia back in June 2018.  We’ve been sharing our work with each other for many years now, because both our fields are so inextricably linked.  Jain is passionate about the maths of nature and 108 and how its harmony can help us ‘return to the garden’ and a more balanced and peaceful way of being.  Could it be that by converting these codes of nature and giving them back to the body in sound, they can be an amazing sonic harmoniser for us?

Jain got excited to hear that two of the other binaural beats produced by the pairs of Zobet tuning forks is either 27Hz or 54Hz because he’s published so many eBooks about the sacred number 108 found in so many cultures globally.  For years he had been encouraging me to create one with these binaural beats so now I have!  After he listened to the audio, he kindly sent me this testimonial sharing his experience.

“I had a 108 Gamma Codes sonic session for about 20 minutes, created and facilitated by Eeshi-Ra in the evening, undisturbed.  The next morning when I woke up, I looked at the time and realised I had overslept by 3 hours!  There was a definite change in my sleep pattern, and a remembering of more dreams.  I sensed that the binaural beats with intelligent gaps of 27Hz had helped entrain my brain to attune to the relaxing gamma brainwave wavelengths”  – Jain108.  More on Jain’s sacred maths work here – Jain108.com

AVAILABLE BELOW:  27 or 54 minutes (Please scroll down)

N.B. This sound healing audio is not recommended for those with high levels of anxiety or if you’re taking medication for mental health issues. It is recommended that if you feel drawn to work with this sound healing audio that you do at least 30 days of listening to The Unity Codes first. Click here or on The Unity Codes artwork on the right to purchase.

To listen please click one of the links below either with or with no 111Hz.  With no 111Hz, this reduces the potential intensity of the sound healing audio if you’re quite sensitive.

Get a good set of headphones, close your eyes, relax back, breathe deeply, relax your outbreath, sit in an upright relaxed position or lie down, breathe through your mouth for deeper release and drink one glass of water before and after listening.

With 111Hz