Do you feel like you’ve still got stuff to clear, patterns to break, things to let go of, and it’s weighing you down and holding you back and you’ve had enough and really need a breakthrough, but you’re tired of paying someone money for sessions and nothing seems to be working and you need to keep going back?

What if you could find a way of learning a tool that can actually tune you into your body at a subconscious level and empower you to break free of all of your old ways of being, so you can re-invent yourself and shift into a completely new YOU!  Do you feel that you’ve got an unconscious saboteur at work, behind the scenes, undermining you, but you can’t quite tap into it because it’s in your subconscious and it’s running the show?  What if I told you that you don’t need to buy this tool, or carry it around and that this tool is actually free and yours already and once you know how to use it, it could be with you for life to use whenever you’re having a challenging time, with no need for more sessions, more story or more struggle?  So fears, doubts, negative thinking, inhibitions, limitations and much more can be a distant memory?  Kids use this a lot, but adults, well we just forgot!

Come and learn how to shift your life to a whole other level.

Shift It and Lift it and set yourself free!

I’m Eeshi-Ra and I’ve been singing since I was a kid and have been working with sound healing frequency for over 20 years.  Even though I had already been using sound healing frequencies with the voice for many years, I hadn’t applied it to dealing with subconscious blocks to address certain areas of my life, and once I did, it made me laugh, because I could have been using it so much earlier and saved myself some painful moments.  Looking back now it’s just so obvious!  Our voice is probably one of the most powerful healing instruments we have!  No singing experience needed!

The Law of Attraction talks about shifting our vibration but how do we really do that, it sounds complicated, so this is an easy way to really do just that.  It’s so helping me and I’m finally living the life I want.  Happy, abundant, empowered, kinder to myself, energized, fully expressive, and finally free to be me!

Shift It Online CourseIn this program of one or more sessions, we’ll look at the main areas in your life that may be holding you back.  We’ll focus on any blocks you want to break free of.  For example:-

  • Money
  • Body Image
  • Love/Self Love/Emotions
  • Mind (negative chatter); and
  • Spirituality

And when we ask really good questions to our body, its wisdom, breath, what sounds and movement it wants to make, it can guide us to a whole other way of being!

You’re lovingly invited to find out more about Eeshi-Ra’s online Shift It course here

Want to connect with Eeshi-Ra personally?  Want to find out if Shift It is a fit for you?  Sign up for a FREE 15 minute discovery call below or feel free to connect with Eeshi-Ra via email personally here.  Private one-on-one sessions with Eeshi-Ra are available using Skype.  Free to use!  Download Skype here and book your first session time and date below.

Want to set yourself free?  – Then I so look forward to being of sacred sonic service to you!  Come join me.

In Sacred Sonic Service to you!


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