Shift It Course + 4 Mentoring Sessions

Shift It Course + 4 Mentoring Sessions

Original price was: £996.00.Current price is: £936.00.

Make the Law of Attraction finally work for you!

Learn invaluable transformational tools for life

Turbo boost your Life with Shift It!

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Are you tired of doing things that don’t work?
Are you feeling fearful & stressed out uncertain of what the future holds?

Would you like to transform your life to live your dream life and Shift It?

Want to learn easy tools with sound healing frequencies to shift your energy to stay positive, uplifted, energised and focused on a daily basis?

Would you like 4 x 1 hour one-on-one personal mentoring sessions with Eeshi-Ra to get some loving support and maximise manifesting your dreams into your life?  These are offered over Skype every week for a month to get you off to an even better start!

This transformational online course is packed with goodies for you, and includes:-

  • OVER 8 HOURS of personally guided slideshow video!
  • 45 + sonic/energy clearing exercises for shifting beyond the old paradigm of fear & separation to love & peace, rebalancing and tuning in more deeply on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level
  • 4 x 1 hour one-on-one personal mentoring sessions with Eeshi-Ra
  • Empowering you to become your own healer
  • Assisting you in awakening more fully to your sovereign Divine Self as is your right!
  • The lost power of prayer and the hidden secrets of manifestation previously reserved only for the elite!
  • BONUS Booster Empowerment Meditation: Go deeper still and break through unloving ways of being!
  • FREE 30 minutes Frequency 1 Crystal Bowl Audio for Emotional Clearing and Embodiment – £20 VALUE
  • FREE 30 minute Frequency 2 Crystal Bowl Audio for Energising with Light and Love – £20 VALUE
  • FREE 20 minute Unity Codes awakening Tuning Fork Audio for creating sacred space, rebalancing, uplifting & tuning to unity with prayers, affirmations, & embodied telepathic healing messages – £15 VALUE
  • FREE 20 minute Earthing Tuning Fork Audio to naturally ground, rebalance, & reset your Earth connection especially if you use Wifi, devices etc – with prayers, affirmations, & embodied telepathic healing messages – £15 VALUE
  • FREE PDF of “High Vibe your Life” guide to uplift & maximise your energy every day! – £10 VALUE
  • FREE PDF of nutritional guidance to transform cravings, depression, & unloving behaviour! – £10 VALUE
  • FREE Wifi & Technology tips to reduce your impact from electromagnetic radiation (Priceless!!)
  • FREEBIES = £90 value
  • Total FREEBIE file downloads – 243MB.  N.B. Use WinZip if you’re on PC to decompress two of the files
  • Total MP4 video file streaming or downloads – 723MB

Learn invaluable transformation tools for life!

£147 + £90 FREEBIES = £237/US$265 value
£444 for 4 x 1 hour sessions Personal Mentoring via Skype with Eeshi-Ra

TOTAL: £591.  (£681/US$763 VALUE!)

Are you worth it?  Oh yessssssss!  Absolutely!

Want more support than just 4 weeks?  Get the 8 session package here!
Eeshi-Ra will personally email you upon purchase to arrange a mutual time for your first session!

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