Would you like to learn how to get more in tune with your own ecstatic pleasure?

Would you like to explore your sacred sexuality?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then check out this new and cutting-edge and hot sound healing audio!  Some people might think that giving yourself pleasure is wrong or we’re not allowed to feel so good!  Come journey with sacred sexuality expert Robert Silber as he lovingly guides you to get more in touch with feeling more pleasure, aliveness and connection in your body.

This guided audio has been lovingly created by Robert Silber and Eeshi-Ra Hart.  This sound healing audio combines Zobet (solfeggio) sound healing frequencies with ocean waves and a guided self massage and self pleasuring practice to empower you to see your sexuality as sacred, to be more loving with yourself, so you can enjoy more relaxation and more pleasure in your body!  It’s been created to help humanity re-pattern its sexuality due to negative past experiences &/or conditioning particularly regarding masturbation.  Living in today’s busy world, sometimes it’s difficult to slow down and make our sexual expression a relaxed, loving, sacred and intimate experience that builds safety, trust, connection, healing & more love.

For more info on Robert’s conscious sensuality work, please click here.

Sample audio below

Intro Intro_SP.mp3
Sample 1: Self_Pleasuring_p1.mp3
Sample 2: Self_Pleasuring_p2.mp3
Sample 3: Self_Pleasuring_p4.mp3

and see below for a couple of videos with Robert and Eeshi-Ra talking about the audio and also an interview with Jessica who took part in the Self Pleasuring practice whilst we recorded in the studio!

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Eeshi-Ra and Sonic Life Solutions are proud to announce the release of other solfeggio sound healing audio to help you tune in on a happier and more fulfilled YOU today!

What if you could take the harmonising effects of the frequencies and feel like you’ve just relaxed your head and shoulders (Energetic Massage) or your whole body? or helped you deepen your breathing (Breathing) or maybe assist in you conceiving a child (Fertility) or having an awesome pregnancy and birth (Pregnancy) or to easily de-stress you after a busy day (Stress Relief) etc.  Well now you can!  Click on the titles to find out more.

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