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Posted by Eeshira Hart on Saturday, 25 July 2020

Are you tired of doing things that don’t work?
Are you feeling fearful & stressed out, uncertain of what the future holds?

Would you like to transform your life to live your dream life and Shift It?

Want to learn easy tools to shift your energy to stay positive, uplifted, energised and focused on a daily basis?

Together, we can co-create a more peaceful and happy world for all life on this beautiful planet!

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Learn invaluable transformational tools for life!


Want extra support?  Get weekly personal one-on-one mentoring with Eeshi-Ra for either 4 sessions here or 8 sessions here

This is for you if you feel you’ve got patterns to break, things to let go of, and it’s been weighing you down and holding you back?

  • Have you had enough of the struggle, and really need a breakthrough?
  • Are you tired of paying someone money for sessions, and nothing seems to be working?
  • Do you feel that you’ve got an unconscious saboteur at work, behind the scenes, undermining you, but you can’t quite break free of it because it’s in your subconscious and it’s running the show?
  • Are you ready to make real lasting change in your life?
  • Is today your line in the sand?

Hear Alexandra share her experience below!

Shifting our state is a super handy thing to be able to do and often we forget we can, but sometimes we may not have the tools, or remember that in every moment we have a choice and the good news is you can do it as soon as you’re ready!

  • Want to learn how to use a tool you can use anytime to break free of any block?
  • What if there was a tool available that can actually tune you into your body at a subconscious level?
  • What if that tool can empower you to break free of all of your old ways of being, so you can re-invent yourself and shift into a completely new YOU!

The Law of Attraction talks about shifting your vibration, but how can you actually tangibly do that?  It sounds complicated, but it’s not, and I’m excited to share a fun & easy way to really do just that & it’s quick to do too!  Get the Law of Attraction to finally work for you!  This course is like the Law of Attraction on turbo boost!

What if I told you that you don’t need to buy this tool, or carry it around, it doesn’t cost loads of money, and this tool is actually free and in fact it’s already yours!  Once you know how to use it, you can use it for the whole of your life, whenever you’re having a challenging time, with no need for more sessions, more story or more struggle?  So fears, doubts, negative thinking, inhibitions, limitations and much more can be a distant memory?  Kids use this a lot, but adults, well we just forgot!

I’ve also added in the transformational sound healing vibes of the solfeggio (Zobet) absolutely FREE!, because they’re amazing in supporting us to clear, rebalance, tune in, uplift, connect, ground, awaken and align more deeply, combined with sacred ceremony to guide our way!

How do we actually embody a positive mindset fully & permanently? Why don’t affirmations work sometimes?  Is there something missing?  Is it because we are still really resonating with that negative thought, and even if we like the positive thought, we are only thinking about it conceptually.  What if we need to literally vibrate all our cells so we can transform and TRULY RESONATE fully with that high vibe, empowering positivity in our whole body, so we can fully embody that truth, & raise our vibration in a really tangible & permanent way? We know something has shifted then because we FEEL it.

In this 8 hour + personal deep dive online immersion, you will start by choosing one block/fear/life diminishing belief/challenge  (e.g. money, self-love, low self-esteem, body image, negative mind chatter, etc) or state of being that has been an ongoing challenge for you in your life that you’re really done with and you’re ready to Shift It. We will use focused visualisation/meditation, the breath, our voices, body wisdom and movement to dive in! We’ll explore the potency of the moment, shift out of our minds, get into our bodies, see what happens when we move beyond any rules, or limitations we have about what we think is acceptable, let the lid off, so we can then become more free, empowered and remind ourselves of our innocent childlike nature, free to be who we really are! When we step free of the mind, so we are no longer ruled by it, our body and everything else will follow!  It’s like you’re tuning yourself like a set of guitar strings into a whole new set of frequencies!  Once you’ve learnt this easy to learn set of techniques, you can apply them to anything else you want to transform in your life!

We will tune in with our body, its wisdom, and use breath, sound and movement to guide us to a whole other way of being!

What you will learn in this 10 part series is:-

  • How to identify & access any negative belief held in your subconscious that is running the show in your conscious waking life
  • How to locate, feel, and witness this vibration in your body
  • How to clear any self-sabotage & spiritual contracts to open ever more widely to receive what you truly desire
  • How to clear unloving vibrations inside yourself & energy field
  • How to move from suppression & repression, to full freedom of expression
  • How to clear unloving vibrations, powers, & authorities outside yourself
  • How to move past any lack of trust and deepen your sovereignty
  • How to use the power of the breath, sound healing frequencies, specific vocal sounds & practices combined with movement to transform any negative vibration in just minutes!
  • How to use the power of intention, focus & sacred geometry/symbol to fully achieve as many breakthroughs as you like!
  • How to use the power of high frequency light to release old patterns easily & quickly.
  • How to raise your vibration even higher with visualisation and embodiment practices so every cell in your body literally resonates with the highest positive reality you’d like to create!
  • How to co-create a brand new reality and live the life you’ve really dreamed of living
  • How to amplify the power of this process by directing your consciousness beyond the mind!
  • How to change your environment so you can maintain this positive shift in reality on a permanent basis!
  • How to claim & embody yourself as a powerful frequency shifter and divine manifester!
  • Once you’ve mastered the techniques, then apply it to any other negative thoughts that are challenging you & reclaim the truth of who you really are!

Course includes:-

  • OVER 8 HOURS of personally guided slideshow video
  • 45 + sonic/energy clearing exercises for shifting beyond the old paradigm of fear & separation to love & peace, rebalancing and tuning in more deeply on a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level
  • Empowering you to become your own healer
  • Assisting you in awakening more fully to your sovereign Divine Self as is your right!
  • The lost power of prayer and the hidden secrets of manifestation previously reserved only for the elite!
  • FREE 30 minutes Frequency 1 Crystal Bowl Audio for Emotional Clearing and Embodiment – £20 VALUE
  • FREE 30 minute Frequency 2 Crystal Bowl Audio for Energising with Light and Love – £20 VALUE
  • FREE 20 minute Unity Codes awakening Tuning Fork Audio for creating sacred space, rebalancing, uplifting & tuning to unity with prayers, affirmations, & embodied telepathic healing messages – £15 VALUE
  • FREE 20 minute Earthing Tuning Fork Audio to naturally ground, rebalance, & reset your Earth connection especially if you use Wifi, devices etc – with prayers, affirmations, & embodied telepathic healing messages – £15 VALUE
  • FREE PDF of “High Vibe your Life” guide to uplift & maximise your energy every day!£10 VALUE
  • FREE PDF of nutritional guidance to transform cravings, depression, & unloving behaviour!£10 VALUE
  • FREE Wifi & Technology tips to reduce your impact from electromagnetic radiation (Priceless!!)


INVESTMENT: £399.99/US$497 includes £90/US$111 in FREE BONUSES = £489.99/US$608 value


Learn invaluable transformation tools for life!

Your investment in a brand NEW YOU today…..

Change your Vibe …… Change your Life

Are you worth it?  Oh yessssssss!


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With Shift It, you can go the extra mile and dig deep to move beyond all life-diminishing ways of being and step free into a new reality!  Come and learn how to tune yourself like you’re tuning the channel of your radio station to a far more fun frequency and shift your life to a whole other level. Shift it and Lift it and set yourself FREE!

Open to
Receive it – Feel it – See it – Be it

Beginners welcome. No singing or mantra involved.  No experience necessary.  Open to all!
Come join me and learn how to Shift It!

RECOMMENDATIONS: Drink lots of pure mineral water throughout, eat an organic, gluten-free, plant-based/vegan one week prior to open up to more clarity and sensitivity so you can more easily feel what’s going on in your body and navigate any energy shifts.  Most practices are standing to support you in shifting moment by moment, and kindly wear comfortable clothes to enable your sweet self to journey deep within, a blanket to relax after and then you can re-emerge re-invented to become the best YOU yet!

Shift It mentoring ALSO available privately with Eeshi-Ra via Skype

ONLINE COURSE now live!!!

“If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of frequency, vibration and energy” – Nikola Tesla

Shift It and Lift it and set yourself FREE!


I’m Eeshi-Ra and I’ve been singing since I was a kid and have been working with sound frequency for over 20 years.  I have been sharing this kind of sonic transformation with others for many years for physical healing (e.g. scar tissue, nerve damage, chronic pain, poor energy flow, limited mobility etc).  I now offer similar tools to benefit our mindset, by transforming fear into love, and replacing any lies we believe with the truth of who we are so we can more fully embody our Divine loving sovereign self!

Now more than ever, we are being called to step free of the past & the voice is one of the most powerful prayers we have available to us!  It’s been so exciting to see how my whole day turns around when I use this easy to learn technique.  It’s really helping me to live an even happier life!  I feel more fearless, trusting, uplifted, energised, empowered, expressive, abundant, loving and kinder to myself and others, and even more free to be me!

Come and learn how to tune yourself, raise your vibration and Shift It!

I so look forward to welcoming you there!


Learn invaluable transformational tools for life!

You're lovingly invited to ...

BE who you REALLY are.  Make THE SHIFT!  Come join us.