Hello Good People

This course you are about to embark on is very demanding, physically and mentally, so be prepared.

The first ability you must have is to be able to play the Didje for at least 20 mins non- stop.

The second is you must be able to play for that length of time walking around.

The sounds that you will play are long sounds, no calls, no voice, just the pure sound of the didje.

This training video will show everything you will need to do, from the type of Didje to choose, how to Prepare and how to move around the person before you.

What you will learn is what I was shown in my Dreams and these dreams came to me after a Traditional Elder taught me how to see the Traditional rock art paintings up in the Top End of Australia in the Northern Territory at Ubirr Rock.

There some rules:

  1. Never play on the head – it is forbidden
  2. Never say to a person that you can heal them, that is your Ego. They must ask you for your help.
  3. No Thinking. You must learn to listen and use your intuition & not your thoughts.
  4. Keep it True.
    This is not something you will learn in the length of the video, as the Video is just on how to use the Didje for Sound Massage, the rest requires your intuition and your ability to listen to the sounds and interpret them .

May Life’s Love Guide You

Gary Thomas, Australia

Course includes: 1 x 17 minute 07 seconds Didjeridu Sound Massage Technique (.mp4 video format)

N.B. Kindly note that this video is 720p resolution as it was filmed when 720 was the highest resolution and what is important that this ancient form of healing is shared with you and a wider audience to benefit even more people!