water-ecstasyHaving a healthy body is the foundation for living a happy and fulfilled life and yet in this day and age it is something that is increasingly challenging to achieve due to our changing lifestyles, pressure of work, environment etc.

However, many of us take our health for granted and assume that you can put anything in your body and it will somehow cope.  It certainly does an amazing job of constantly adapting to our changing habits but if those habits are continually challenging for the body, it will start to send out warning signs so it’s important for us to listen to those and not just take a pill to silence them and then keep on pushing the body past its natural limits.

I often given the example of someone walking into a car showroom and paying loads of money in cash for that gorgeous sportscar they’ve had their eye on and as the salesperson goes to give them the key so they can drive this luscious dream-mobile away, he says, “just so you know, it uses unleaded and you’ll need this special oil for the engine and distilled water in the radiator and a service once a year” etc, so of course it makes sense that you wouldn’t then go and try and shove pizza down the fuel cap or 4 pints of lager into the radiator and yet we do this to our bodies and still expect peak performance!!  Our body is the vehicle that gets us around, so it’s important to give the body what it needs and then it can give us what we need – a clear head, all body parts functioning perfectly, loads of energy and no sickness either!

People often say “you are what you eat” and this is of course true, however, I would expand on that and say “you are what you put in your body, on your body and around your body and of course what you put your body through too” (e.g. in terms of daily exercise/movement etc) .  What this then means is, in addition to what you eat and drink, it is also important to really pay attention to what you put on your body in terms of shampoo, moisturiser, deodorant, nail varnish, make-up etc and what you have around you in terms of computers, mobile (cell)phones, microwave ovens, air quality, noise etc and of course to choose the right exercise regime for you.  All this can impact us in varying ways and if we make the right choices, we can create a dis-ease free existence and so enjoy a happy, healthy and long life!!!  Someone once said, we don’t degenerate because we age, we age because we degenerate!  i.e. take care of what you got and your body will take care of you!

Wellbeing is established first by determining the causes of stress, by properly evaluating your health issues, lifestyles and attitudes, before giving treatment and advice.

Too many prescription drugs are randomly sold based on a quick and often expensive consultation with your doctor who doesn’t have time to determine the root cause of your problems and is merely dealing with the symptoms. Drugs have side effects and in the long term they are not a solution as don’t deal with the causative reasons for problems.

Before sound

Before sound

We use some very helpful biofeedback methods like Energy Field imaging (EFI Photon Pro) that safely shows the energetic status of the body or an easy Hair Profiling Test that has been developed with German scientists to look at levels of bacteria, parasites, toxins, radiation, foods that suit or stress you, and also gives a vitamin and mineral status, as well as amounts of amino and essential fatty acids in the body.

These  methods help give us a starting point, to reveal the healthy and stressed areas of the body to show you what is likely causing your problems in the first place; information is key.

We provide assessments first.  We aim for results and to motivate you to make better informed health choices.  We can tell when the client hasn’t made an effort.  Change has to be made by clients first, they are the ones in control, and we act as guides to help them adopt an improved lifestyle, encourage them to quit their bad habits and support them to take responsibility for their wellbeing.

Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

After sound

We create a healthcare plan for each person and most feel improvements within a couple of weeks, providing they aren’t chronically ill, that will take longer.  Most people require cleansing to rid their body of pollutants, toxins and parasites that clog and hold back treatment method: it’s not rocket science as some would have you believe; it’s about balancing the whole body/mind system and understanding the causes and addressing them.

Perhaps the largest problem we face today is the lack of quality nutrition, the modern western diet is filled with sugars, chemicals, low quality salt and stabilisers which all cause health problems. We tailor a diet to specific blood and body type of our client, so they begin to eat foods which agree with their own specific system, also we recommend supplements with essential minerals and vitamins as most modern foods lack these nowadays; this allows homoeostasis, that is the body’s ability to heal itself.  This is the vital part of creating a balanced environment to aide the body to rebalance and therefore return to a place of complete health, so you feel great not just some days but every day!

If you’d like to know more and explore the deeper aspects of how to keep your body in prime condition and get the real deal on many food products or non-food products!! out there then click here to find out more about having a Health Coaching session (either online or in person).  An initial consultation generally lasts 90 mins-2 hours with a follow-up session lasting an hour.  If you’re ready to make the changes in your lifestyle to get full enjoyment out of your life then it will be my pleasure to support your journey back to full, fabulous health to create a new rejuvenated, energised and happy YOU!

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