Would you like to feel more in Tune with You?

Learn 6 powerful biohacking ways to create more health,
happiness & wholeness in your Life

Become your OWN healer!

Take yourself as deep as you want to go

In Tune With You was created to support all those who are looking for innovative and natural ways to harmonise and heal their body with breath, sound, healing intention, visualisation and movement.  These techniques require nothing apart from what your body can use here and now.  Wherever you are, you’ll always have some easy techniques you can use to support you in feeling happier and healthier anytime you need in just 10 minutes!

I love to empower others to become their own healer by sharing very effective & easy tools that do just that. Placing the power firmly back in your hands!

I chose these simple, yet profound exercises to show you how to create some special time just for you by going inward and by using your voice, this can be a powerful way to connect with how you feel.

You’ll learn how to use your breath, sound & movement to shift your state so you can step free of a busy mind or stressed out state, so you can get more fully into your body & feel better anytime you choose!

Once you’ve learnt the basics you can adapt them by how your body’s natural intelligence guides you, to go deeper and make them even more potent!

This is for you if you’d like to learn quick & easy techniques to:

  • Clear any stress & negative emotions or challenging situations quickly so you can deal with a busy day and any challenges as they show up
  • Create more balance in your thoughts, so you can more easily focus beyond distractions and busy mind chatter
  • Feel more grounded in your body so you’re more fully present and more in tune with you
  • If you’d like to find more of a balance between what you think and how you feel
  • Tune in with a deeper way of breathing to support you in feeling more energised and in tune with your body and feeling more in your body
  • Release or reduce any discomfort, tension, or pain in your body so you can feel more relaxed and comfortable in your body every day!
  • Shift any tiredness and energise yourself from the inside out
  • Create more fun in your life by learning these playful exercises
  • Learn easy ways of how to take some precious time for you to slow down, tune in with yourself and what support you need on every level
  • Learn how to create more peace in your life too!

So wherever you are, you’ve always have easy techniques you can do to support you in feeling happier and healthier anytime you need in just 10 minutes!

“The course has taught me how to quickly shift my energy and mood.  The sound and movement practices are fun and incredibly effective”

Olivia P.

“Thank you so much.  The practices have helped me deal with my chronic pain and brought a sense of peace to my life”

Jessica P.

“I’ve added these sound healing techniques into my daily routine.  They’ve helped me feel more energised and centered throughout my hectic days”.

Chloe W.

“This course has helped me rediscover my inner calm.  The breathing exercises are easy to follow and have significantly reduced my anxiety levels”.

Megan M.

“It’s a blessing.  I’ve learned simply yet powerful techniques to manage my daily stress.  My mind feels clearer, and my body more relaxed”.

Katherine T.

The course includes: 

  • The importance of breathing more deeply & how to do that
  • How to connect more deeply with your body and how you feel
  • How to clear a busy mind & slow right now simply by using the voice
  • How to ground yourself whenever you need
  • How using the breath consciously can easily release stress or emotions
  • How you can bring yourself back to centre using a special tribal word from Africa!
  • How you can energise your body using sound and movement
  • How you can tune into your body’s own natural intelligence
  • How focused visualisation can help you relieve discomfort or tension in your body
  • How you can give self healing to any part of your body with your voice
  • How you can give healing to others with your voice
  • How you can tune in with how you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually so you can give more love & care to YOU!


The Vocal Warm-Up (14 minutes 17s) – This shows you how to get your voice warmed up with gentle sound, breathing and body movement before every exercise so you can feel more tuned into your body and how you’re feeling, opening up the throat & resonating your voice inside your whole body

Exercise 1: Clear & Ground (7 minutes) – This shows you can you can easily clear a busy mind and ground more fully into your body

Exercise 2: De-Stress (10 minutes 42s) – This shows you how you can use specific sounds, breath & body movement to clear out any stress, tension or negative emotions you might be feeling in a focused, playful & grounded way.

Exercise 3: Centre & Energise (9 minutes 27s) – This shows you how to use an expansive tribal word to bring yourself back to centre and energise your body from the inside out whenever you need

Exercise 4: Relieve discomfort & pain (9 minutes 24s) – This shows you how you can relieve discomfort, tension or pain you might be feeling in your body using the power of the voice and visualisation guided by your body’s own natural intelligence

Exercise 5: Tune Up (12 minutes 57s) -This shows you how you can do deeper healing on your own body and also do it for friends, family & beyond!

Exercise 6: Tune In (9 minutes 52s) – This shows you how with the power of the breath and the voice how you can tune in with you and what you’re feeling and what support or change you might need to give yourself in this moment.

TOTAL: 1 hour 22 minutes 10 seconds