GOLD Solfeggio Zobet Tuning Fork Practitioner Video Course

GOLD Solfeggio Zobet Tuning Fork Practitioner Video Course


Re-balance, release blocks in the energy field/energy centres, uplift, energise, awaken the Divine DNA blueprint, activating full pranic energy field and flow with Zobet tuning forks.  Learn at your own pace and review the content whenever you like!



Offer the highest quality tuning fork sessions to your clients to help them rebalance and heal at a deeper level with Zobet tuning forks tuned to the codes of nature (solfeggio frequencies).

  • 13 x training videos showing all techniques, a full 1 hour session & two post-session interviews
  • 80 page training manual in print ready and smartphone format for easy use
  • 124 page training slide presentation PDF
  • 3 pre-session audios (to prepare or clear & ground before or after a session)
  • FREE 4 x DVD’s – 7 hours of slideshow presentations MP4 videos (£60 value)
  • FREE – BONUS “Explode the Myths to find the Magic” 1 hour sound healing conference MP4 video & PDF to watch as you read the PDF (£20 value)
  • FREE – The Unity Codes Zobet 20 and 40 minute sound healing tuning fork audios.  Feel them for yourself for self care & deepening your awakening! (£35 value)
  • FREE – BONUS 111Hz International Sound Healing Summit 2019 Presentation “Why 111Hz and Why now?” – 1 hour 27 minute MP4 video slideshow presentation (£20 value)
  • BONUS Archaeo-Acoustics conference “Why 111Hz and Why Now?” presentation PDF (£15 value)
  • FREE – 35 page Solfeggio Sound Healing eBook PDF (£10 value)
  • FREE – 2 BONUS videos (with Eeshi-Ra from a forthcoming sound healing documentary)
  • PLUS additional support with 3 hours personal one-on-one mentoring/Q & A with Eeshi-Ra via Skype,
  • PLUS a complete set of 18 practitioner top quality Zobet and 136.1Hz weighted tuning forks in two velvet pouches
  • Full email support (if you have further questions before or after your Skype)
  • Certification available – More here.
  • PLUS special practitioner discounts

Learn at your own pace and review the content whenever you like!

(N.B.361MB of course videos, audio & PDF files PLUS 1.8 GB in FREEBIES!  Please make sure you have a good internet connection BEFORE downloading. You have 7 days in which to do so).

Cancellation policy: Please note, due to the fact that this is a downloadable video training series with many extras, no refunds are possible.  Thanks for your kind consideration.  For more information on our refunds and cancellations policy, please go here.


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