Before a sound session

Before a sound session

We use some very helpful biofeedback methods like Energy Field imaging (EFI Photon Pro) (click here for more on Energy Field Scans) that quickly and safely shows the energetic status of the body or an easy Hair Profiling Test that has been developed with German scientists.

These  methods help give us a starting point, to reveal the healthy and stressed areas of the body to show you what is likely causing your problems in the first place; information is key.

We provide assessments first.  We aim for results and to motivate you to make better informed health choices.  When change is made by the clients first, because you are the one in control, we act as your guides to help you adopt an improved lifestyle, to empower and encourage you to quit any bad habits and support you to take more care for your wellbeing!

Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

After a sound session

For example, if you book a consultation with Dr J Roberson, or a health coaching session with Eeshi-Ra, we can then create a healthcare plan for each person and most feel improvements within a couple of weeks, providing they aren’t chronically ill, as that will obviously take a longer and more focused approach.  Most people require cleansing to rid their body of pollutants, toxins and parasites that clog and hold back treatment method: it’s not rocket science as some would have you believe; it’s about balancing the whole body/mind system and understanding the causes and addressing them.

Wellbeing is established first by determining the causes of stress, by properly evaluating your health issues, lifestyles and attitudes, before giving treatment and advice.

Too many prescription drugs are randomly prescribed based on a quick and often expensive consultation with your doctor who doesn’t have time to determine the root cause of your problems and is merely dealing with just your symptoms. Drugs have side effects and in the long term they are not a solution as they don’t deal with the root cause and reason for any challenges you may be experiencing.

For more on harmonising your system with the power of sound healing, please click here.


Hair AnalysisWant to maximise your health with the world’s latest health technology?   Find out what’s really going on in your body and what your current challenges are.  Maybe you’re vitamin or mineral deficient.  Don’t worry most of us are!! or maybe you’re allergic to certain foods which are stressing you that you didn’t know about, or you’ve got toxins in your body compromising your immunity so you get sick a lot (most of us are toxic due to our Western lifestyle) or maybe you picked up parasites while traveling and never went to the doctor about it because you never knew you had them, but they’re still disturbing your thoughts and you get indigestion all the time; or maybe you’ve got environmental challenges like mercury from dental fillings or frequency interference factors from mobile or cordless phone & other technology use & a lot more!

This in-depth 34 page Hair Bio-Profiling report uses state-of-the-art health technology (Environmental S-Drive) that has been developed with German scientists.  These methods help give us a starting point, to reveal the healthy and stressed areas of the body to show you what is likely causing problems that you might be having in the first place; information is key and then we can support you in making the best recommendations to turn your health around today!

Many hair analysis tests available today are far more expensive, but only test for a few things.  Pay one fee and get far more value for your money so you can get started on getting all your mojo back!

Perhaps the largest problem we face today is the lack of quality nutrition, the modern western diet is filled with sugars, chemicals, low quality salt and stabilisers which all cause health problems. We tailor a diet to specific blood and body type of our client, so they begin to eat foods which agree with their own specific system, also we may recommend supplements with essential minerals and vitamins as most modern foods lack these nowadays; this allows homoeostasis, that is the body’s ability to heal itself.  This is the vital part of creating a balanced environment to aide the body to re-balance and therefore return to a place of complete health, so you feel great, not just some days, but every day!

To book your test, please choose either the “with consultation by Dr J Rogerson” or the Hair Bio-Profiling Test by itself.  See below.  Please allow up to 21 days to receive your results via email.

To find out more about the analysis and the bio-profiling technology used, go here and more on the actual test here with sample profiles or just click 1. SAMPLE HAIR TEST.

Dr John Rogerson

Dr J Rogerson

John Rogerson has 25 years’ experience as a wellness practitioner offering evaluations and treatments to restore optimum health in easy to follow plans.  First, he consults and offers assessments methods to determine reasons behind issues, then uses proven treatment methods to alleviate symptoms. These include protocols for pain and stress relief, counselling, addiction, detoxing and cleansing programs, along with weight management advice.  He combines a blend of nutritional science, skillful treatments, with manageable lifestyle techniques to increase vitality and improve immunity. He works with some of the world’s leading healthcare facilities to initiate positive change for his clients.

One of John’s assessment methods is EFi scanning which he developed, and captures an ‘energy status’ of the body in a safe and colourful way.  It depicts where stressed and free flowing areas exist, and importantly offers people something to focus on, helping them to adopt better habits.  Scroll down for more.  He also identifies background to stress with a Hair Testing technology, which covers data from nine parameters; i) Which Foods suit or stress ii) Toxicity (metal, chemical & radiation) iii) Microbiology status (indicating parasites, viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores) iv) Antioxidants levels v) Which Vitamins you lack vi) Minerals required vii) Amino Acids viii) Essential fatty/omega levels and ix) Electrical sensitivities.


“Dr John Rogerson is a visionary in the field of complementary medicine.”Dr Valerie Hunt Ph.D. California

‘I wish there were more people like you in this world, thank you for all you’ve done for me.’Dr Suraliwala, Dental Surgeon, India

“John’s work is a huge step forward to enable the requisite paradigm shift to facilitate the expansion of integrative medicine.” – J.Goddard, President of Complementary Medical Association, UK


Want to find out what’s going on in your physical body and surrounding energy field?

Well now you can with cutting-edge technology that reveals the invisible spectrums of light not seen with the naked eye.

This highly sensitive ‘light meter’ quickly and safely shows the energetic status of the body in clear colours and vivid patterns using biofield imaging called EFI Photon Pro.

Maybe with one energy imaging scan you can highlight something you’ve been wondering about for years.  Maybe it’s a food that doesn’t agree with you that’s clogging up your digestive system giving you brain fog and low energy daily; or it’s a tight shoulder that’s been troubling you for quite a while due to using the mouse on your computer which is at a bad angle and is compromising your body posture but you’ve never taken the time to get remedial massage or change that chair you’re sitting in; or maybe it’s impact from using a mobile phone for over 15 years, or the tar in your lungs that you never detoxed after you gave up smoking!  Whatever it is, biofield scanning is an amazing tool to really see what’s going on and you won’t get that from any mainstream doctor!!  When combined with hair analysis and other health check-ups e.g. blood microscopy, you can get really important feedback of what’s really going on in your body and then take action to heal completely, rather than just treating symptoms!  Feel better fast with the latest energy field imaging technology and a holistic healing approach!  Click here for full info on Health Tests or email me direct here.  To view many other scans showing the benefits of sound healing as an amazing rebalancing tool click here.  If you’re a practitioner yourself and you’d like to purchase the system, please go here.  Other scans showing health challenges e.g. mobile phone, sinus and throat congestion and back tension are below.

EFi of stressed woman

Low Energy from Mobile Phone Use

Front, Sinus & Throat Congestion

Front, Sinus & Throat Congestion

Back Stress Areas

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