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Tuning Forks to the earsEeshi-Ra has been studying sound healing since 1992 and in 2005 trained in tuning fork therapy  (Institute of Cyberkinetics, Croydon, UK) and in 2007 received a Certificate in Psycho-Acoustics – the scientific aspect of sound healing (Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute, San Francisco, USA).

Eeshi-Ra offers sound healing sessions with solfeggio tuning forks and other frequencies to help you rebalance in every way, awakening you to new levels of balance, clarity, health, energy and peace. The experience of a sound therapy session can often not be put into words, as everyone is different.  Since the solfeggio sound healing frequencies embody the blueprint of the Universe itself, they travel very intelligently to wherever healing is needed.  These sound healing frequencies are a wonderful way of taking you to that place of inner connection and alignment and, if you’ve never experienced them before, they are wonderfully relaxing and it can be a truly profound experience.

111Hz session: “I’m feeling so good after our session, most of the pain in my body has lifted….
such a relief to be experiencing such reduction in pain levels.  Thank you again x
– Irene A.
(healing from cancer)

Solfeggio Sound Healing benefits include:-

  • Deep relaxation/more peaceful & focused mind
  • A Theta brainwave state that is great for meditation, reducing stress & mental fatigue, boosting the immune system,  accessing inner wisdom/intuition, enhancing memory & ability to problem solve, increasing sex drive, transforming limiting beliefs, enhanced visualisation/ creativity, etc
  • Uplifts your mood
  • Brain rebalancing
  • Can help clear energy blockages
  • Energising
  • Helps get you more in tune with your body
  • Some experience an increase in sensitivity & body awareness
  • Promotes a feeling of unity
  • Spiritual re-alignment
  • DNA activation (the frequencies used are a sonic version of the Phi ratio which is the same blueprint as the DNA!)

Follow up sessions are recommended to fully align you with this sonic blueprint of the Universe combined with regular use of a sound healing tuning fork audio like The Unity Codes (which is close as you can get to having a session on headphones!) can be a useful tool to tune you in more deeply and support your ongoing awakening.

“One of the most powerful experiences I have ever experienced….
taking me to an indescribable space of deep bliss and peace …
feeling more centred, lighter, more positive, with a deep sense of joy and peace….
I have recommended her work to many people I have met …
I feel strongly that everyone should experience this deep healing at some point in their lives.
Love and blessings and deep heart felt gratitude to Ashera
for what was truly a life changing session!”
– Emily D. (Reconnective Healing practitioner)

Before sound

Before sound

The scans shown here are using an exciting and innovative energy field imaging system called EFI BIESS with Photon Pro developed by biophysicist Dr John Rogerson.  EFI BIESS with Photon Pro reveals the invisible spectrums of light not seen with the naked eye in a simple 5 minute scan before and after your session.  Great to get a clearer picture of what’s really going on in your body (meridians, chakras & nadi systems) and surrounding energy field!  Energy field imaging available on request.

This has many applications; from medical and clinical research to energy field assessment and validating healing techniques. It highlights well-being and indicates areas of disease with clear patterns and colours. Energy field imaging can also show the effect of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) from electrical equipment like mobile phones, wifi, cordless phones, etc, or the benefits and effects of a variety of treatment methods.  For more scans relating to various health conditions please scroll right to the bottom and for more on this exciting subject relating to a similar technology called PIP, see here for the Sunday Times article in February 2001 and here for the South China Morning Post in April 2008.

Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

After sound

If you are a therapist or a clinic/healing centre and have an interest in using this amazing biofield imaging in your healing work, please click on EFi Brochure or contact me direct for more information here.  More scans below, with video and audio interviews.

Dr John Rogerson’s testimonial after receiving his solfeggio tuning fork session from me:-

“Hugest thanks for the amazing sound therapy, I was made a new man and using my energy field imaging equipment, the change was one of the most significant I have witnessed in 15 years”.

Reviewing a scan with Dr Rogerson in 2010

Click below to learn more about the scans and listen to the podcast!

What does a solfeggio/Zobet sound healing session involve?

– An optional 3rd eye activation to help open to the frequencies
– Zobet sound healing tuning forks are played to the ears
– The solfeggio tuning forks are then moved through the energy field to clear disconnections
– The solfeggio tuning forks are moved through the body’s energy centres, clearing out any blockages
– The solfeggio tuning forks are used to activate and open up the pranic energy field and flow.
– Each tuning fork is placed on the body to send the vibration throughout the whole body via the skeleton.
– An earthing tuning fork is then placed on the body to help ground the vibrational experience at the end.

Other sessions available include:-

Earthing and Energising – Uses the potency of the Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies of the Earth and the Om along the spine and then 111Hz and Om on the key meridian points on the body.  Very relaxing, grounding, rebalancing, energising and supports a deeper level of being present in your body.  Also good for clearing out accumulation of electro-magnetic radiation from technology.  A digital detox!

“Thank you for the sound healing, I found it to be truly such a nourishing experience
especially after to detox my body has undergone prior, it was a perfect way to end.
And you held such a safe and accepting space allowing for deeper letting go experience.
Would love to meet again when I’m back. Many thanks!!
– Trish (October 2016)

Sex SonicsA 2 hour session doing a guided practice to help you get in your body, clearing any blocks in throat/genital area with integration using key frequencies on specific meridian points to access deeper levels of energy, body sensitivity, body awareness, arousal, moving out of the mind and tuning more deeply into your natural ecstasy and energy flow.

or a special session can be created for you depending on your requirements.

Are you ready to heal?  Healing brochure here.

BEFORE (a tuning fork session)

AFTER (a tuning fork session)

“As an international speaker I am constantly traveling and working long hours and in different time zones.  I am also very attuned to energy and am familiar with the incredible ability of sound to heal and re-attune our body.  When Eeshi-Ra offered me a sound healing session I grabbed the opportunity.  At a certain vibration I felt a pain in my forearm and realized that she had hit the vibrational energy of my gymnastics fracture and was amazed at how much energy was moving through the arm to accelerate the healing process.  She is extremely gifted and I slept incredibly well that night and thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanted to experience the incredible power of sound healing. Thanks Eeshi-Ra.”

– Clinton Swaine (International Speaker and Founder of Play to Win)

“Thank you Eeshi-Ra for the profound sound healing.
I have been in a place of joyful optimism and connection to Source
as the vibrations settle within and around me.
Appreciation and gratitude.”
– Sue Hopkins (Divine Blueprints)

For other testimonials on Eeshi-Ra’s solfeggio sound healing work, please go here

If you have never experienced the subtle,
yet profound nature of these tuning forks,
I invite you to reconnect with a deeper feeling
and awareness of yourself
in a series of ten sessions.

Home visits available upon request.
Intuitive deep tissue massage also available,
click here for more info

I look forward to being of healing assistance to you

Eeshi-Ra Hart

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BEFORE and AFTER scans using different filters

BEFORE (a tuning fork session)

Before Zobet

AFTER (a tuning fork session)

After Zobet



Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

Click below for a discussion after a
tuning fork session in August 2010

Interview with biophysicist Dr J Rogerson

BEFORE (using other colour filters)

Before a session using a certain colour spectrum filter to view the scan


After a session using a certain colour spectrum filter to view the scan


Before a session using a certain colour spectrum filter to view the scan


After a session using a certain colour spectrum filter to view the scan