Welcome to my High Vibe website!  So happy to have you join me!  Want to feel great every day, think clearly, sleep more deeply, feel energised and share those good vibes with others? I’m passionate about the amazing benefits of solfeggio, Earthing & other scientifically-researched sound healing frequencies that naturally stimulate the body’s ability to heal and tune in with the codes of the human body, nature and the Universe, combined with a healthy lifestyle to create a happier, healthier and more fulfilled YOU!  Now more than ever, we are feeling the call to feel more in tune with ourselves, each other, nature, the Universe & beyond, so we can feel more in balance on every level.

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Increasingly many of us are wanting a more natural approach.  Sound PLUS healing intention, combined with the Breath and Body Movement, is one of the most powerful tools we have. Could this be the birth of a new type of vibrational medicine that is in fact the oldest one in the Universe?!!  Edgar Cayce once said that “Sound healing is the medicine of the Future”, and I do believe the Future is NOW!

I hope you feel inspired to use Solfeggio/Zobet, Earthing and other scientifically researched sound healing frequencies as a gift in your life and share them with others, to assist you, your friends, family & beyond to feel happier, healthier and more tuned in at this time on your journey!  I trust you’ll enjoy the many sonic offerings here.  Thanks for visiting! 😀

Harmonious & heartfelt vibrations to you all!

BENEFITS of sound healing when used regularly

  • Stress relief

  • Improved mental focus, productivity & clarity

  • Deep relaxation (e.g. helpful for insomnia, muscle tension)

  • Uplifts your mood (e.g. helpful for depression, pain relief)

  • Great for problem-solving & super-learning

  • Treats inflammation, trauma, bone fractures, sprains, strains, contusions, post-surgery, pregnancy & more!

  • Increases self-love & empathy for others

  • Reduces muscle tension.

  • Frees up poor energy flow/stuck energy.

  • Boosts energy levels, sex drive & can turn you on!

  • Tunes you into your body’s needs (e.g. diet, water, breathing)

  • Helps you to centre, creating more peace and calm

  • Deepens your connection with yourself, and the Source of ALL!

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Want to feel more in tune starting TODAY?  Click on any of the sound healing audio titles below to find out more!

The Unity Codes 20-40 minutes
Shekinah Transmissions Sound Healing
Stress Relief 2019
Fertility Sound Healing
Energetic Massage Sound Healing
Mother's Tongue Sound Healing Audio
Pregnancy Audio Series
Fibonacci codes, gamma brainwave state, tuning forks, meditation
Self Pleasuring
Breathing - The Healing Resonant Breath

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What does the human energy field look like after just 1 hour of solfeggio sound healing tuning forks?


Before sound


Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

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Learn how to become your own healer with the power of your own voice, breath & movement!

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Learn how to use sound healing for your personal use or as a sound healing practitioner


Learn Intro to Forks here, Intro to Sound Healing here, Solfeggio/Zobet tuning forks here, Earthing tuning forks here, Cellular Sonics here, Self Care Sonics here, Shift It here & all other courses here!


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Tuning Forks

Tuning Fork Set


The Holy Grail Sound Healing Codes


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What can sound healing do for you?


For beginners, musicians, or practitioners wanting one-on-one


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Take even better care of you with Tuning Forks & the Voice


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