Welcome to my High Vibe website!  So happy to have you join me!  Want to feel great every day, think clearly, sleep more deeply, feel energised and share those good vibes with others? I’m passionate about the amazing benefits of solfeggio, Earthing & other scientifically-researched sound healing frequencies that naturally stimulate the body’s ability to heal and tune in with the codes of the human body, nature and the Universe, combined with a healthy lifestyle to create a happier, healthier and more fulfilled YOU!  Now more than ever, we are feeling the call to feel more in tune with ourselves, each other, nature, the Universe & beyond, so we can feel more in balance on every level.

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Increasingly many of us are wanting a more natural approach.  Sound PLUS healing intention, combined with the Breath and Body Movement, is one of the most powerful tools we have. Could this be the birth of a new type of vibrational medicine that is in fact the oldest one in the Universe?!!  Edgar Cayce once said that “Sound healing is the medicine of the Future”, and I do believe the Future is NOW!

I hope you feel inspired to use Solfeggio/Zobet, Earthing and other scientifically researched sound healing frequencies as a gift in your life and share them with others, to assist you, your friends, family & beyond to feel happier, healthier and more tuned in at this time on your journey!  I trust you’ll enjoy the many sonic offerings here.  Thanks for visiting! 😀

Harmonious & heartfelt vibrations to you all!

Sound healing is the act of bringing harmonious vibrations into the human energy field and physical body in order to achieve a state of inner balance, harmony and peace.  Sound has the benefit of being able to bypass our doubting minds and give us an experience by speaking directly to our cells to help us remember our natural state of inner connection, unity and pure bliss!

The Solfeggio codes are sourced from a wider number set called the Zobet, and when you take those divine mathematics of the Universe & the Earth, convert them into sound and give them back to the human body, they start gently re-balancing and optimising our brain and speaking to that same code found in our bones and at a DNA level, that can help us re-balance and tune in more deeply, so we can remember that we are part of nature and then we can access more of our natural, peaceful & blissful state. When we are more in tune we can create a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life!

Earthing Sound Healing frequencies are vibrations that are found naturally in nature.  The Schumann above us (the Yang aspect of Earth), the Geomagnetic below us (the Yin aspect), and the Om (the Earth’s rotation around the Sun) combined with the many rebalancing, uplifting, energising and unifying benefits of 111Hz can be deeply relaxing, releasing and rejuvenating!  More on Earthing Tuning Fork Courses here, the importance of electromagnetism in our lives here, or Earthing Sessions here.

These are sound healing frequencies which are already used in either the medical world or sound healing modalities that offer specific structural and/or cellular healing benefits e.g. for muscle tension, rebalancing the brain and nervous system, pain relief, treating inflammation, increasing energy flow, uplifting our mood, encouraging deep relaxation, creating positive change, treating wound healing, for bone fracture healing, & the long list goes on!

This website offers many different ways you can work with either Solfeggio/Zobet or Earthing frequencies, whether it’s downloading The Unity Tone ringtone (for free), getting your own personal copy of The Unity Codes or Earthing tuning fork audios, or any of the other guided sound healing audios available (e.g. Breathing, Stress Relief etc.  See more here), having a personal session with me Eeshi-Ra (also some available via Skype here), learning the basics from one of my eBooks here, tuning in ever more deeply with some tuning forks here, being mentored by me here, or learning how to use the voice to shift your state anytime you want to manifest a more positive way of being or manifesting the Law of Attraction on turbo boost with Shift It here, or learning one of my online practitioner courses with unweighted Solfeggio/Zobet Tuning Forks clearing and activating through the energy field here or naturally deepening and resetting your body’s natural connection with the Earth, using weighted Earthing Tuning Forks onto the body here to assist yourself & others or treating patients at structural and a cellular level with the Cellular Sonics Practitioner Tuning Forks Course using weighted forks onto the body here or to benefit insomnia with our new DEEP SLEEP Course and Tuning Forks here.

Everyone is different, so it’s best to trust what feels right to you. Our bodies show us when we’re satisfied after a great meal and sound frequency is pretty similar!  A good start is to listen to the Solfeggio/Zobet frequencies with The Unity Codes tuning fork audio for at least 30 days of regular daily use to tune yourself up, because it can take a while for the body to tune into a more natural, balanced state.  Then, see how you feel, and ask your body how often you need or want to listen to them. If you’ve had a challenging or stressful day, the frequencies can really help you chill out, feel more energised, balanced, focused and harmonious when you need it most.  If you use a lot of technology (computer, mobile, tablet, WiFi, TV, etc), and also get quite busy in your mind (who doesn’t?!), then you might also enjoy the Earthing frequencies.  These are best listened to every day after use of technology and at least 2 hours before sleep.  Available in different lengths and if you’re a busy person the 20 minute version will probably suit you best.  If you want to go deeper, there are also other lengths available too.  See here and here.  To go deeper still after 30 days, try the 108 Gamma Codes here to tune into a deeper meditating monk Zen vibe here!  Thereafter use as you feel is necessary.  Combine with brain switching for even deeper results.  More here.  Use tuning forks onto your body for deeper results till you feel you’ve received enough.  Remember to focus on a healing intention too to get even better results!  If you’re a practitioner, working with precise sound healing frequencies will offer even better healing outcomes for your clients!

BENEFITS of sound healing when used regularly

  • Stress relief

  • Improved mental focus, productivity & clarity

  • Deep relaxation (e.g. helpful for insomnia, muscle tension)

  • Uplifts your mood (e.g. helpful for depression, pain relief)

  • Great for problem-solving & super-learning

  • Treats inflammation, trauma, bone fractures, sprains, strains, contusions, post-surgery, pregnancy & more!

  • Increases self-love & empathy for others

  • Reduces muscle tension.

  • Frees up poor energy flow/stuck energy.

  • Boosts energy levels, sex drive & can turn you on!

  • Tunes you into your body’s needs (e.g. diet, water, breathing)

  • Helps you to centre, creating more peace and calm

  • Deepens your connection with yourself, and the Source of ALL!

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Breathing - The Healing Resonant Breath

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What does the human energy field look like after just 1 hour of solfeggio sound healing tuning forks?


Before sound


Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

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