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sound healing, solfeggio sound healing, Zobet sound healing courses, sound healing frequencies, 528Hz, tuning forksWelcome.  Want to feel great every day, think clearly, feel energised and share those good vibes with others? I’m passionate about the amazing benefits of solfeggio sound healing and how a healthy lifestyle can make for a happier and more fulfilled YOU!

Now more than ever, we’re feeling the call to get more in tune with ourselves, each other, nature, the Universe & beyond, so we can get more in balance on every level.  Increasingly we’re choosing a more natural approach.  Sound PLUS healing intention is one of the most powerful tools we have. Could this be a birth of a new type of vibrational medicine that is in fact the oldest one in the book?

I hope you feel inspired to use solfeggio sound healing as a gift in your life to assist you on your journey!

Harmonious heartfelt vibrations to you all!

Sound healing is the act of bringing harmonious vibrations into the human energy field and physical body in order to achieve a state of inner balance, harmony and peace. Sound has the benefit of being able to bypass our doubting minds and give us an experience by speaking directly to our cells to help us remember our natural state of pure bliss!
The solfeggio codes are sourced from a wider number set called the Zobet, and when you take those divine mathematics of the Universe, convert them into sound and give them back to the human body, they can help us rebalance, tune in more deeply, remember that we are part of nature and then reconnect with our natural peaceful blissful state. When we are more in tune we can have a happier, healthier and a more fulfilled life!
This website offers many different ways you can work with these frequencies, whether it’s downloading The Unity Tone ringtone (for free), tuning in with the sonic essences, getting your personal copy of The Unity Codes or any of the other guided sound healing audios available (e.g. Breathing, Stress Relief etc), having a personal session (also available via Skype), learning the basics from the eBook, buying some tuning forks or taking the practitioner course to learn tuning forks to assist yourself & others.
Everyone is different, so it’s best to trust what feels right to you. A good start is to listen to the frequencies for at least 2-4 weeks of regular daily use to tune yourself up because it takes a while for the body to tune back to its natural state.  Then, see how you feel, and ask your body how often you need or want to listen to them. If you’ve had a challenging or stressful day, the frequencies can really help you chill out, feel more energised, balanced, focused and harmonious when you need it most.

BENEFITS of sound healing when used regularly

  • Stress relief
  • Improved mental focus, productivity & clarity
  • Deep relaxation (e.g. helpful for insomnia)
  • Uplifts your mood (e.g. helpful for depression, pain relief)
  • Great for problem-solving & super-learning
  • Increases self-love & empathy for others
  • Boosts energy levels, sex drive & can turn you on!
  • Tunes you into your body’s needs (e.g. diet, water, breathing)
  • Helps to centre, creating more peace and calm
  • Deepens your connection with yourself & our Creator
solfeggio sound healing, 528Hz, 396Hz, solfeggio frequencies, Ashera Hart, sound healing, Body Sonics
solfeggio sound healing, sound healing courses, healing therapies, 528Hz, tuning forks
by Eeshira Hart and Foszia Turner-Stylianou
solfeggio sound healing, sound healing courses, tuning forks, learn sound healing, 528Hz

What does the human energy field look like after just 1 hour of solfeggio sound healing tuning forks?


Before sound


Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!

Want to have the benefit of using Energy Field Imaging or hair analysis in your healing sessions?  Click here.

Hear Liana’s story here:

Want to learn how to use tuning forks?


Learn how to become your own healer with the power of your own voice!

Easy to learn

Also available via Skype

Find out more here!


Learn how to use sound healing for your personal use or as a sound healing practitioner


Learn tuning forks, The Sonic Power Program, & more!  Find out more here!


Check out what sessions are available with Ashera either in person or online via Skype video chat

Feel more alive and free!

Your journey starts here

Sound Healing eBook

Tuning Forks



Hear Chad’s story here

What can sound healing do for you?


For beginners, musicians, or practitioners wanting one-on-one


Ask the questions you want to ask, at your own pace, & at a time to suit you.  Book your session here.


10 week course to empower you to thrive in the 9 to 5!


Download, connect headphones, breathe deeply, tune in and let the power of sound transform your world! More here.


The Frequency Shift group sound journeys to infinity & beyond!


Travel deeply into your cells, spirit, bliss and the heart of the Universe!
More here.

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