When you were younger did you ever fall down and break a bone in your leg or arm and then have a cast put on at the hospital and your mother comforted and calmed you, or later when you became an adult and you got a banging headache, maybe you went for the painkillers, or when you get really stressed out at work and your mother is no longer around you just calmed yourself down by watching a movie which didn’t really help, or you couldn’t sleep at night and you grabbed some sleeping pills?  These are just a few examples of old ways of treating some of the physical challenges we face in our lives.

Today however, there is SO much sound healing research showing how sound frequency can be very easily, safely, non-invasively and effectively used for many of the current physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual issues we face today,

We are now in an era of where more and more of us are making the connection between how we live and how that affects how we feel and how our body functions in a healthy way or not.  Increasingly, we have more and more sonic healing options available that can treat our challenges faster and often at a deeper level!  Many of us are now becoming more empowered to heal ourselves and choose healthier natural ways of doing that, because such an approach to clear the root cause can create a permanent and long lasting result which of course is always going to be a more desirable choice!

I thought it would be a great idea to take the top 10 issues we suffer from in our world today and offer some Sonic Life Solutions to each one to add into your first aid kit.

  • Did you know there are scientifically researched frequencies that can treat EVERY single one of them?
  • Did you know there are key meridian points easily accessible you can use to self treat all of these too?
  • What if you could easily relieve most of these in just 5-10 minutes?

We can use sound with specific scientifically-researched frequencies via tuning forks, and/or with the voice combined with a series of different breathing techniques and body movement.  Our bodies are so hugely intelligent that it doesn’t take long when we tune in and ask the right questions, we can get really helpful replies!  This makes healing not only far more empowering where you naturally become your OWN healer, but we can also get faster results!

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Wishing you the happiest and healthiest Life!