Eeshi-Ra Hart and Sonic Life Solutions offer the following sound healing courses:-

  • 111Hz Solfeggio/Zobet Tuning Fork Practitioner Training – This solfeggio tuning fork online course is available here (Certification available).  You may also be interested in “Becoming the Tuning Fork” which is a mastery level tuning fork online course that will be available by the end of 2020.  More here
  • Body Sonics – Learn how to empower yourself and others to heal your body with the voice tuned to the solfeggio sound healing frequencies (Zobet) and Eeshi-Ra’s Body Sonics Celllular Healing Protocol. Feel more in tune, free of pain, increased mobility, increased energy levels, reclaimed body sensation and feel more in your body than ever before!  This is a great 3, 6 or 9 session program to support you if you’re looking for healing solutions that work or if you’re a sound healing practitioner and you want to support yourself in becoming more present, focused, embodied and aligned during all your client sessions so you not only use sound healing frequency, you also BECOME the frequency!  More info on Body Sonics Sessions, click here.  This is also available via Skype.  You may also be interested in “Becoming the Tuning Fork” which is a mastery level tuning fork course that will soon be available online!  More here;
  • Cellular Sonics Tuning Fork Practitioner Training: Are you an Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Thai Massage practitioner or another kind of bodyworker and would like to bring the potency of specific sound healing tuning forks into your patient treatments to create even better healing outcomes?  Then this tuning fork practitioner online course is for you, click here;
  • Earthing Tuning Fork Practitioner Training – An online course with just 5 tuning forks to help rebalance, uplift, energise, ground and reset the body’s natural connection with the Earth, and clear electro-stress from EMF radiation and the use of devices. (Certification available).  More here;
  • Intro to Sound Healing – A 2 hour sound healing online course with an easy yet comprehensive view of what sound healing is and the different instruments used packed with fun assignments.  More here;
  • solfeggio sound healing, sound healing courses, tuning forks, 528Hz, 111Hz, 963Hz, 147HzIntro to Tuning Forks – A 2 hour tuning fork online course with quick and easy tips packed with fun assignments to get you started with tuning forks for personal use and helping out your friends and family soon to be available online.  More here;
  • Shift It – An 8 hour sound healing online course on how to shift through blocks and raise your vibration with the amazing healing power of your voice!  Tap deep into your subconscious patterns, transform all limiting beliefs, clear the past, shift your state, empower and love yourself in even more amazing ways and manifest your dream life, and live the one you were intended for!  Just like the Law of Attraction on Turbo Boost!!!  More here; and
  • The Reclaiming – A workshop for women or men to learn the true nature of relationship, how to cut the ties with past lovers using an ancient shamanic breathing technique and the power of solfeggio sound healing frequencies to release the past, awaken the heart ever wider to love, and connect more deeply with your Divine Feminine and Masculine nature.  The Reclaiming Cutting the Ties ancient shamanic breathing technique is also available over Skype and will shortly be available as an online course ahead of the publishing of Eeshi-Ra’s book “Breaking Free”.  More here and email me here,

Got questions?  Not sure which course is right for you?
Connect with Eeshi-Ra personally on Zoom for a quick 15 minute chat to help clarify anything you like!  Email Eeshi-Ra to arrange it directly
here or use the booking form here.

Personal mentoring are also available via Skype. More here.

Eeshi-Ra is available to teach sound healing with tuning forks or the voice in your country if you have a group of 10 or more interested.  The organiser will receive their place free in exchange for organising and networking a 2 day course or longer retreat depending on the interests and knowledge of the group.  Generous commission is paid for groups of 15 or more.  For full details of the topics covered, please check the different courses here, or kindly email Eeshi-Ra direct here.