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Tune in, Bliss Out!

 (launched on 21 June 2011!)

Scroll to the bottom to find out about an amazing
synchronicity that happened on the same day!

It’s been a dream of mine to create a mobile phone ringtone based on the solfeggio frequencies and now the dream has finally become a reality!

I’ve collaborated with the awesome Australian music producer Sean McVitty of Mudra Music and this has also been networked to the international community through the global peace initiative Earthdance ( and via other networks such as Lightworkers (.org) and Essense UK.  If anyone knows of other spiritual networks, communities, meditation groups etc to share this with, please pass it on!

Sean was the original founder of Salt Studios in Melbourne and has extensive experience in film, TV and working with artists such as Sinead O’Connor, Icehouse, Living Color, Crowded House, Deborah Conway, Boom Crash Opera, The Bad-loves, Craig McLachlan, James Blundel, Pseudo Echo, Geisha, Tricky, The Divinyls etc.  Sean is currently producing his own series of CD’s for the Yoga and Wellbeing market.

This unique sound healing ringtone features tuning forks, chimes and crystal bowls all tuned to the ancient healing codes of the solfeggio frequencies that are based on the language of nature, your body (bones/DNA) and the entire Universe!  They can help you rebalance/focus/ground/bliss out etc!  Available in 4 different versions with 3 different beats and a beat-free version (4th) to suit a variety of tastes!  Great for re-tuning your dial, shifting your energy and uplifting the vibe wherever you are!

To upload to your mobile phone, please refer to your user manual or click here for up-to-date iTunes/Apple support instructions.  Maybe you can send the ringtone to your handset via email or bluetooth?

If you have an iPhone, simply drag the .m4r file into the Ringtones folder in iTunes or go to top menu and select File/Add to Library, select the ringtone and then click OK and it should load that file into your ringtones folder in iTunes automatically or manually load it into the Tones section of iTunes.  Then connect your iPhone via USB or WiFi and then sync your iPhone.  For info on one way to convert the MP3 version without the need for conversion software click here.

Then to have that specific ringtone sounding when your phone rings
Go to Settings on your iPhone select Sounds/Ringtone
Select The Unity Tone 4 iPhone which will be in a list above the other ringtones and then bingo it will work
What’s important to know about this ringtone is that it’s not very loud if you have your iPhone out and about with you
What’s great to do, is use the ringtone when you’re at home so it’s automatically clearing your space every time your cellphone rings and then select another ringtone for when you go out, as often you may miss the calls as you may not hear it ringing.  You can also add vibration to your incoming calls if you forget to change it.  Your call!!!  (couldn’t resist!!)

The MP3’s are encoded with the highest quality settings (320 kbps) and most mobiles/cellphones will need the Mono version (i.e. your mobile uses only one speaker).

Please tell all your friends and family and together let’s raise the vibe all across the planet wherever your mobile is ringing.  It’s like a sacred sonic ripple rippling out everywhere!  It certainly beats dealing with the impact of mobile phones as outlined in The Telegraph in July 2011.  Click here for more info.  To see the article printed by Kindred Spirit in their Summer 2011 issue, click here and scroll down and look for “Spirit Guide”.

Tune in, Bliss Out with the Unity Tone!!!

If you’d like to check out an amazing video testimonial on The Unity Codes sound healing audio by Eeshi-Ra Hart (formerly Ashera), please go here

Preview Section

To preview simply click on the MP3 files below. There are 4 versions.

To purchase, simply add The Unity Tones to your cart and checkout.  You will receive all 4 versions in MP3 and .m4r iPhone format to suit all mobile phone platforms.  Upon completion of your order, a download link will be sent immediately to your inbox.  Kindly also check your spam folder if you can’t see it there! (By inputting your email address you agree to receive more great offers from this website & of course you can unsubscribe at any time and we operate a SPAM-FREE policy & will not pass on your details to any 3rd party).  Enjoy!  Feedback also most welcome – info @  Look below or on YouTube for a video to show you how to import your iPhone .m4r ringtone to import with ease and search on YouTube if you’re on the Android platform and enjoy high vibes and clear sacred space whenever your phone rings from now on!

Version 1

The Unity Tone 1 Stereo MP3

Version 2

The Unity Tone 2 Stereo MP3

Version 3

The Unity Tone 3 Stereo MP3

Version 4 (With no beat/rhythm)

The Unity Tone 4 Stereo.mp3

Press in Kindred Spirit – Summer 2011 

The Unity Tone Press

What else happened on 21 June 2011?

The Blueprint of Creation

The frequencies of the Zobet are based on Prime Numbers and are found embedded within the Prime Number Cross which is the mathematical blueprint of creation.  In 2006, I made that exciting discovery as outlined in the book entitled “The Blueprint of Creation” by Jason O’Hara.  

What is amazing is that on the same day we launched the ringtone, an incredible synchroncity happened.  A rather special crop circle appeared in Westwoods near Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK.  It had 36 dots (3+6=9) which express the codes of 3, 6 and 9 found within the numbers of nature, and all the codes of the solfeggio/Zobet add up to a 3, 6 or a 9!  For example, 147Hz – 1+4+7=12 and 1+2=3, or 528Hz – 5+2+8=15 and 1+5=6 or 369Hz 3+6+9=18 and 1+8=9.  It’s also a very interesting combination of the Prime Number Cross which are the codes of creation (and these solfeggio/Zobet codes are found embedded within), and the Flower of Life which is a sacred geometry symbol that also expresses these same codes of creation found within cell division that happens after the sperm enters the egg at the point of conception, and the beginning of all life!

Truth is stranger than fiction don’t you think?   This crop circle can be viewed in the archive section of the Crop Circle Connector website, but you do need to be a member.  They do not have an SSL certificate, but the website is safe.  Please go here.

The crop circle is below!


Crop circle near Stonehenge (28 miles) – 21.6.11