Discover the depths of the science
the intricacy of the maths
and the heights of the spirituality
in these ancient healing codes

(Includes an introduction on why the solfeggio sound healing
frequencies are so important for humanity at this time)

This guide has been lovingly created to give you a clear understanding of the foundation of these frequencies and guide you in the use of three of the most important frequencies of the Zobet (solfeggio) and is given for FREE with the Activate your Light Body tuning forks set available here, or the Zobet forks online tuning forks course here and the new Earthing tuning fork online course is also available now here.

Many have asked to purchase the guide separately, so here it is, and you can look at the contents below before buying (75 MB – 35 page PDF/eBook zip file).

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528Hz 396Hz 417Hz 639Hz 741Hz 852Hz 963Hz

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