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  • Intro to Sound Healing – A fun introductory 2 hour sound healing online course with an easy yet comprehensive view of what sound healing is and the different instruments used PLUS 12 x 1 hour assignments & student bonuses.  More here or want to dive into the full “Leading Sound Journeys” sound healing training?  Find out more here.
  • Intro to Tuning Forks – A 2 hour tuning fork online course with quick and easy tips PLUS 17 x 1 hour deep dive assignments to get you started with tuning forks for personal use and helping out your friends and family.  Find out more here;
  • In Tune with You – A fun easy & effective series of 6 techniques using the power of breath, sound, healing intention, visualisation and movement to shift your state anytime you need.  Find out more here.
  • Sonic Soul Retrieval Taster  (FREE) – Learn how to use the voice with healing intention through the energy field to clear out blocks, miasms, etc and harmonise that assists your Divine I AM presence to more deeply embody.  Find out more about Sonic Soul Retrieval here and get the FREE taster course here.