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Learn how to become your own healer!
and teach someone else how to as well!

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Body Sonics is a fun and creative way of using the power of your own voice to empower you to heal your own body.  Sound with conscious loving intention creates healing and in a safe, sacred space, when combined with movement, light, breath and visualisation, it can help reveal where energy is blocked or what needs to be expressed in order to clear the way for healing. Your body knows exactly how to unravel its story and heal itself and all we need to do is tune in to reconnect to that innate body wisdom. This may bring up old memories, suppressed emotion or simply transmute pain to bliss in your body!!  When we clear the blocks, then we can get more present in the body.  All you need is to make a commitment to yourself and trust that you can do it!  Our voices are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings!

The Body Sonics Cellular Healing sound healing is a VTP (Vibrational Transformation Process) which is good for healing many current health issues, old injuries, scar tissue, nerve damage, blood circulation, energy flow, chronic pain, and helps support you to more deeply tune in with your body, its messages and your healing ability.

Read about some miracles with recent Body Sonics clients here.  We are like a guitar and to be in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings we need to regularly tune our strings especially in a world with so many man-made, un-natural vibrations and the Earth’s shifting vibration too!

“I’m most grateful to Eeshi-Ra for the magnificent Body Sonics weekend from the depth of her heart and knowledge.
Coming out of depression, and being so sensitive to the environment, I was looking to find a method that is both scientific
and spiritual for healing my fears and my anxiety and make me remain on a level of love and gratitude within myself….
I am so impressed in the diversity of knowledge and ancient healing methods incorporated.  I totally recommend Eeshi-Ra
for her ability to teach us to heal using our own voice…. and through the powerful sound guided meditation techniques,
I went into a trance state where truths were spoken by my Soul.  Namaste Eeshi-Ra” –
Alina G.

Hear what Chad says about his Body Sonics sessions

and Luna

“I don’t even know where to begin, to express to you in words how powerfully beautiful
your healing work and teaching is!  Not only is it the knowledge you teach which comes through
all the more stronger because of your own personal connection and deep passion for it,
but also because of the subtle, gentle and centered way in which you teach.
I feel so fortunate and privileged to have met you.  I am forever grateful” – Asha B.

Skype Sessions

If you’d like to feel more empowered and learn how to become your own healer, and get going sooner than later, please book now for your personal one-on-one Skype Body Sonics healing sessions with Eeshi-Ra.  Sessions are offered in packages of 3 x 1 hour (Bronze), 6 (Silver) or 9 (Gold) x 1 hour sessions, depending on the depth of focus & support you require.  All clients receive:-

– A 90 page Body Sonics Cellular Healing Protocol Guide;
– Three sound healing frequency audio files to help clear the trauma/blockage, bring in healing energy & repair/regenerate the cells; and
– Your FREE personal copy of 1 hour sound healing audio The Unity Codes (or a different length if you prefer for those who book online) to maximise your healing ongoing.  This sound healing audio can also be placed via headphones directly onto the nearest bone to where your health challenge is and be used to stimulate endorphins (that may be good for uplifting your mood, pain relief, cell regeneration, rejuvenation & more!) and to promote a deep, restful sleep

In addition: Silver and Gold clients will also receive their choice of 1 (for Silver clients) and 2 (for Gold clients) additional sound healing audios completely FREE! (e.g. The 108 Zobet Codes or Earthing).

For more information please email Eeshi-Ra direct here to arrange your FREE 15 min Skype chat or to book NOW!

 Emotion, tears just fell, the combination of light,
sounds and my voice seemed to get
to the essence of fear in a different way”
– Madhu P.

Did you know you have your own sound? Ever wondered why you don’t resonate (literally) with someone else? It’s because your body’s vibration is unique and likes to harmonise/resonate with certain vibrations or you may be sensitive to your fridge’s vibration instead!! Because of our lifestyles, diets, physical body type, consciousness, life experience and health etc, we all have different vibrations in our bodies where energy is flowing and where it may not be and/or where we carry old vibrations in our cells which may be stopping us moving forward.

“Eeshi-Ra is a good facilitator” – Michael R, Yoga Instructor

As adults, many of us have forgotten our spontaneous child-like nature that cries or makes noise when we are hurt, right there in the moment, and instead we choose to stay stuck in polite behaviour and swallow our feelings down which when left unacknowledged can develop into dis-ease, de-pression, etc. When we get to express these stuck energies in a supportive environment like a Body Sonics workshop or one-on-one Skype session, we can then reconnect with our innate joyous nature and feel the bliss of being fully present in the NOW!  Body Sonics is a way of stimulating your body’s energy flow and encouraging you to trust your body wisdom and find different sounds and movements to express what you’ve held inside; which can clear blocks in the body so you can get to your real Self and get your energy flowing like a river again!

“The exercises really worked for me and the lack of pressure to get results”

– Phil, TV/Film Director

When you honour what you really feel

When you allow your body to speak to you so it can unravel its story

When you break free of the past

When you love yourself THIS much

You create the space for healing and then MIRACLES are really possible!

Come and unravel your story
AMAZING wellbeing 
is waiting for you!

“Lovely, friendly non-superior attitude – spot on” – Kate L., artist and poet

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See below for all Eeshi-Ra's offerings and please let us know what is calling you!

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