Hear Eeshi-Ra’s students share about their experience learning with her.


Hear from others what they share about their experiences with the sacred sound healing codes of the Zobet/full Solfeggio.

“As an international speaker I am constantly traveling and working long hours and in different time zones. I am also very attuned to energy and am familiar with the incredible ability of sound to heal and re-attune our body. When Eeshi-Ra offered me a sound healing session I grabbed the opportunity. At a certain vibration I felt a pain in my forearm and realized that she had hit the vibrational energy of my gymnastics fracture and was amazed

at how much energy was moving through the arm to accelerate the healing process. She is extremely gifted and I slept incredibly well that night and thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanted to experience the incredible power of sound healing. Thanks Eeshi-Ra”
Clinton Swaine (International Speaker and Founder of Play to Win - Australia/USA), Frontier Trainings

“When Eeshi-Ra began to apply the use of the frequencies during a group attunement, it was as if my BEing was already familiar with communication through the frequencies. I instantly began to feel myself smiling beyond the smile on my face. There

was a sense of ‘knowing’ beyond my current intellectual understanding. My energy body enlivened by the sounds to the point of overwhelm, followed by the overpouring of tears cascading in ecstatic bliss. Words cannot encapsulate the experience. If you are feeling drawn to work with Eeshi-Ra and the frequencies I would recommend that you explore that calling (smile)

More Tuning Fork testimonials at the bottom of the page.

SOUL EMBODIMENT – Hear Amy share her experience below of  how she felt after this soul retrieval and energy clearing session that moves through your energy field working on all vibrational levels to then call in your “I AM” presence to assist you in more deeply embodying, using purely the constant pitch-changing, raw, shamanic & multi-dimensional qualities of the voice.  Also available via Zoom.  More here.

“The workshops with Eeshi-Ra gave me a comprehensive knowledge of working with sound for healing, both in theory and practice, as well as the wonderful opportunity to experience the Zobet frequencies for the first time. Eeshi-Ra puts her heart and soul into her work. She is also a mine of information on anything which supports our healing and spiritual evolution. Thank-you Eeshi-Ra!”

Christine D.

CLASSES – Hear  world-renowned flute player/artist/sound healing teacher Tim Wheater share after learning the esoterics, maths and science and why the Zobet (solfeggio) frequencies are so helpful for us at this time.  Go here to learn solfeggio tuning forks, here for earthing tuning forks, here for more specific physical challenges, here to put Law of Attraction on turbo boost, and here for DVD video downloads.

“Eeshi-Ra thanks so much for a great workshop and such profound healing space with your sound healing. I found your combination of crystal bowls and singing perfect and today I have felt a sense of something heavy shift and transmute in me. Grateful”

Adam S.


A group of ladies in the US after listening to just 20 minutes of the audio through a special 360 degree surround sound system (Ambisonic Sound)!  To get the 3D headphone audio now, go here.

“The experience that I had with the CD was profound. I felt tingling sensations throughout my body. I would feel relaxed and connected to my body. Listening to the CD for a week straight I noticed my eating habits had changed, my body was asking for more fruits and vegetables, I was drinking more water. I think what worked is listening to the CD for a continuous length of time, like a week or more, because it would build on itself from the days before”
Soleiman B.

“When I was first fortunate enough to witness Eeshi-Ra the impact of her work was instantaneous. Witnessing her channelled voice sent a healing resonance that cut through the blockages in my body, going straight to the core of my being. I have since been using the Zobet Codes and feel that it has been instrumental in shifting me into a frequency of harmony, focus and joy.”

Adam Shaw, Walk Innovation

Hear why Paul doesn’t listen to any of his 20 year collection of meditation audio anymore!  To get your personal copy of The Unity Codes, via instant download go here.

“After the first listening, 20 minute just before sleep, I awoke the next morning feeling greater openness to my housemates, a desire to know if the main person I spoke with had slept well. I felt extremely well rested – my body, emotions and mental outlook were of warmth and caring nature. Usually I am more closed in the morning and need to bring myself consciously toward a nice state of being.
During listening I felt sensations in various parts of my body, most notably my left knee which on a material level is in need to rejuvenation from injuries – There was pain that brought my focus on to the knee and I intuited that this was a good time to further intend healing of the knee. I was accepting of the pain as being a signpost to the required and already active healing taking place. I can’t verify that there has been a benefit but the experience suggests as such. Having listened a number of other times I’ve been aware of more than I’ve described and I’d be happy to note down and give you a more brief run down of what ever comes up – I’m finding it interesting to observe. Most pleasing is the added connectedness and openness I’ve been experiencing.”
Joshua C.
“I’ve been listening to the codes most days. I found myself being able to think in a more positive way about things. I have more energy. I’m able to listen to what my body needs more”.
Carolyn C.
“I am glad I followed the instructions about drinking water, as I felt really thirsty both before and after..…. My intuition tells me that this sound healing has been a big part and acceleration of clearing of old wounds and patterns. From the very first session & the first sound of the sea & the tuning forks, I felt resonant with the sound frequencies – I am very glad to have this extra tool”
Robert H.


This is probably one of the most exciting areas of breakthrough I’m witnessing with my clients as I show them how to become their own healers using the power of their own voice with the Body Sonics Cellular Healing Protocol with amazing results, some might call them miracles.  More about Body Sonics here and “miracles” here. Want to learn too?  Sessions available via Zoom.  Book here.

“Last weekend I participated in your 2 hour workshop at the Byron Spirit Festival. I’ve felt compelled to get in touch with you, to let you know the profound effect this experience has had on me.

The partner exercise we did around expressing fear through sound and then in turn expressing love in the same manner was so incredibly healing for me. For years I’ve struggled to express any sort of anger and the first part of this exercise truly cut down all the barriers I have around this emotion. I was lucky to be partnered with a lady who was totally present and accepting of whatever I expressed, which I can see was a fundamental component of the exercise. I immediately felt lighter and more open to receiving my feelings and continued to feel more electric in the days that followed. Friends have noticed that I look different and commented on my appearance.

The other incredible thing which has occurred is that for the past seven months I have been suffering from a tachycardia arrhythmia where by my heart rate goes completely erratic and up to 200bpm when I’m at rest. This can happen any where from a few times a day to dozens. It’s been horrible to live with and I’ve tried all sorts of methods of coping. Since your workshop, I haven’t experienced any arrhythmia of my heart and I feel as though the misfiring cells in my heart tissue have been healed. This is a massive call… but I have an inner knowing this is true.

Thank you for sharing these tools and helping me on my spiritual path”.

Love and light

2nd email (a couple of weeks later):

“I was feeling quite disheartened because my arrhythmia ended up returning a week after the festival and so I was coming to terms with that. Although this is disappointing, I am also learning to love my whole body and pay attention to my overall wellbeing. I believe conditions such as these are a way of re-aligning us back to our natural healthy state”.


For Eeshi-Ra’s comments on why this happened and why it takes commitment to go to the depths of our pain, to re-frame ourselves and break old habits click here.


THE FREQUENCY SHIFT Sound journeys (previously called Sonic Enchantment)

“I lay with my head towards the centre of the space. The welcome in the room was such that, without knowing anybody, I was able to feel I could relax. The whole journey of the evening was so much that I cannot write it here, but the overall safety and love
given by the musicians was so solid that all of my personal experiences were held and enabled. Dreams and expansions of my heart, my hands, my head. There is a part of me which knows another place, another world. A full world. Of abundant love, life, peace and light. I went there during the evening, I felt so at home there, and wondered at how I could forget that this is where I belong. The long lasting effects of the evening are inspiring too, not just a quick high, I have felt a flow and groundedness and continue to spend time in the heart space that was opened”.
Bex B. Musician
“This one and a half hour journey consisted of sublime sounds of dolphins, planets, the sea, crystal bowls, gongs, chimes and tuning forks. We were all lying down in a circle and taken on this shamanic journey, we were energetically stroked with leaves and re-tuned with the tuning forks, the experience was literally out of this world!”
Leon Deith - Owner of Ananda Yoga Centre, Reigate

“What a beautiful experience…Eeshi-Ra manifested as a majestic (singing) bird of paradise…and my awakening felt euphoric, still feel the light energy buzzing around me, as if tinkling in my aura….

Thanks to all the beautiful souls who created the frequencies x”

Lucy Anderson - Artist Manager for Z-Star/Slow Train Soul

My (professional) partner and I are not only in the business of traditional medicine (Emergency Room work in USA), but also consciousness expansion, using Hemi-sync programs, Reiki, Crystals and other tools in bridging the traditional medical model of healthcare with the complementary (energy, sound healing and otherwise technologies).

When I met Eeshi-Ra while giving a talk at The First BioPhysical and Complementary Medicine conference in Bali, I knew within minutes that she’s a very talented, gifted person with something very important to share. I was not wrong. When

I had a chance to attend her sound healing session at the Yoga Barn while in Bali, I experienced a very profound, deep level of consciousness expansion; it took me to a very deep state of connection with the Source, Oneness (a place where I have had the honor of being and constantly strive to getting back) and kept me there during and even after the experience.

Listening to the Sonic Enchantment download when I got home from the trip was nothing less; it is a magnificent experience and I’ll be taking this journey again!

Eeshi-Ra is truly a professional in the field of healing and sound. She impressed me greatly not only on a professional level (teaching me more than I anticipated; and I love learning), but also as a compassionate, caring healer, teacher, and a very real person who loves what she does and does it well.

As a professional working with some of the same sound technologies and sharing common interests in healing both in a traditional as well as complementary pathways, I look forward to working and sharing both personally and professionally with her as well as look forward to personally experiencing her sound healing technology and products which is based on truly sound principles as well as being a very powerful tool for exploration of the “higher self”.

Thank you Eeshi-Ra for your gift to the world!

Sergey Sorin M.D.


“Having been a Reconnective Healing Practitioner for some years and having worked with various healing modalities and frequencies I have to say the attunement session I had with Eeshi-Ra was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever experienced. More

Eeshi-Ra began the session by making me feel really comfortable and nurtured and as it progressed the forks resonated throughout my whole body taking me to an indescribable space of deep bliss and peace and I understood that this was very sacred work, aligning me to the Christ energy within and around me.

Afterwards, I felt centred, more connected to the Christ energy, lighter, more positive, with a deep sense of joy and peace.

Eeshi-Ra is truly an Angel of the light; working for the light and I have recommended her and her work to many people I have met. She has understood, where others have not, that sound healing and sound vibration is the most powerful form of cellular healing that we can experience and I feel strongly that everyone should experience this deep healing at some point in their lives. Love and blessings and deep heart felt gratitude to Eeshi-Ra for what was truly a life changing session!”

“The frequencies immediately helped me be more conscious of my breath so I breathed more deeply, I felt very relaxed and centred and my third eye was buzzing too!!”