Randy Masters – Solfeggio, 432Hz & Musical Tunings Interview

Randy Masters – Solfeggio, 432Hz & Musical Tunings Interview


Find out the truth behind
the misinformation on
the internet and
discover the magic
of these amazing frequencies
and how they relate to 432Hz!



Welcome and if you would like to purchase the full length of this video (1 hour 23 minutes), thank you for your interest.  I’m sure you’ll find my interview with Randy Masters who is a sound healing, maths & sacred geometry expert & musician/composer very helpful as he answers some of the confusion and misinformation currently circulating on the internet.

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Here’s a teaser of the 1st 12 minutes 45 seconds!

The topics covered include:-

  • If you re-tune your instrument to a different tuning system does this really give you the solfeggio frequencies?
  • Is the solfeggio a musical scale or something else?
  • Do musicians in orchestras play the solfeggio?
  • Are there 6 notes in the solfeggio or more?
  • Was the solfeggio used in music or in something else?
  • What might have been the real origin of Gregorian chant?
  • Did the Nazis bring in A440Hz tuning?
  • Why was A440Hz tuning really brought in?
  • What tuning did other composers use?
  • Which orchestra used to use 432Hz tuning?
  • Does the body naturally tune to the Western piano scale?
  • What kind of tuning can give you A440, G396 and C528Hz combined? (Just Diatonic scale)
  • What does this have to do with crop circles?
  • Does A444Hz tuning really give you the solfeggio tones?
  • Does A440Hz tuning cause disease/damage to the DNA?
  • What is different between making music & sound healing?
  • Where do the codes of the solfeggio/Zobet occur on Earth?
  • What sound healing frequencies harmonise at a cellular level? – What came first the piano or the Universe?
  • What discovery regarding the solfeggio was made by Ashera Hart in 2006?
  • How does 432Hz tuning compare with the solfeggio?
  • Who’s been using 444Hz tuning for the last 20 years?
  • Where does the number 432 exist in our solar system?
  • What pitch some say does a baby’s first cry have?
  • What’s another difference tone between the solfeggio codes?
  • What frequency in sound healing produces a lot of tension?
  • What frequency stimulates nitric oxide release in the body?
  • Where else does 432 appear as a sacred number?
  • What colour of light is 432 in nanometers?
  • What’s the highest choice for musical tuning?
  • What tuning fork do chiropractors and doctors use?
  • What frequencies might be able to activate the DNA?

So I invite you to get your notebook and pen ready and we hope you enjoy this video exploding a few of the myths out there!!


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