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What is Sound Healing?  The Science of Vibrational Therapy

May 2024

It was wonderful to have an opportunity to share my fascination with Avi Itzkovitch (author of the book “The Art of Not Knowing”), about the precise use of the science of frequencies so the client or sound journeyer can get the best healing outcomes!

Get in touch with Avi here:

Healing the Body Naturally with Sound

December 2023

It was fun to connect with Cheryl Goh and be on her show The Flow of Cheryl Podcast to share how you can heal the body naturally with sound!

Sound Healers Association

May 2022

A fun-filled chat with Nasiri Suzan of the SHA!

Such an honour to be interviewed by Nasiri Suzan who is the manager of the Sound Healers Association which was set up by one of the great inspirational teachers Jonathan Goldman which I’ve been a member of as a sound healing practitioner. We talked about many aspects of sound healing and also two new courses I’ve launched this year: Self Care Sonics and Shift It which may be something you’d like to check out. I make a special offer on both those courses too towards the end. Self Care Sonics is how to use tuning forks for self care and Shift It shows you a potent way of shifting your vibration to break through your blocks and manifest your Dream Life inspired by the Lost Power of Prayer more recently discovered! Click here to find out more about Self Care Sonics & click here to check out Shift It.
In joy

The Consciousness Cure with Sandra Miller

From Fear to Love

February 2020

Eeshi-Ra shares about the importance of raising our vibration, detoxing our pineal and activating it especially at this time.  Join for a deep dive into learning tools you can use yourself to feel more energised, uplifted, grounded and clearer and tuned in on every level in your daily life!

“I totally ended up in such a lighter place in my Heart and Soul! Best part I can do all this for myself! I want to scream it to everyone! I really enjoyed the ending meditation time too. I’m excited to learn more!!! Gold bless you for sharing your knowledge. It was such a gift from God you gave me!”

Bonne C. (USA)

“I have had major trauma in my life. Lost my youngest sister to a car accident around 1994 then had a heinous divorce. About 4 years later (within one 1/2 years of each other, I lost my mom and remaining sister AND killed a man when he ran in front of the subway train I drove. My life has been a mess.

While meditating, I saw my mom when younger. Then my mom with white hair glowing in while light and then a beautiful sunset. I knew my mom was trying to say LIVE YOUR LIFE because you are gone too quickly ; )).  Thank you so much.”

Joann (USA)

Shakti Kali Facebook Live

February 2020

Shakti Kali interviews me for a Facebook Live interview talking about how sound can so quickly and easily shift your state!

Come and find out more here!

Valerie Okunawi’s BiziYogi Radio

September 2017

It was super fun to have Valerie Okunawi from BiziYogi Radio interview me to talk about the many benefits of Earthing naturally through the power of Sound Healing whilst I was visiting the US.

Hear the full hour interview here.

Rak Razam and Ashera HartRak Razam’s “In a Perfect World” interview (on Podomatic)

August 2013

I was interviewed by author and documentary film maker Rak Razam back in August 2013, where I share the beautiful harmonising and heart awakening vibrations of my solfeggio crystal bowls (396Hz and 528Hz) and we talk about the power of sound to heal or harm e.g. radiation from electro-magnetic frequencies like mobiles, wifi, cordless phones, etc, the importance of the Schumann Resonance which is a vibration of the Earth’s ionosphere (one of the energy fields of the planet) and how the solfeggio can help us navigate such intense times of change.  (Published in November 2013).

The Body Spirit Connection

August 2013

I was interviewed by the lovely Julie Serot of The Body Spirit Connection talking about how the frequencies of the Zobet (solfeggio) can be such amazing keys for us in terms of helping us get into our bodies, getting more in tune and so becoming the divine embodiment of who we’re meant to be!

Listen below.

The Shift Network – Summer of Peace

August 2013

This was an interview was in August 2013 and was combined with a 20 minute sound healing meditation interviewed by David Nicol of The Shift Network talking about my involvement in Earthdance as the International Co-ordinator and the original voice of the Prayer for Peace.  I share a global meditation to help you tune in with yourself for peace for all beings everywhere.  This features a 20 minute version of The Unity Codes.  Enjoy!  The full website info is here.


Empowered Whole Being Radio

July 2013

I was interviewed by Candace Stuart-Findlay of Empowered Whole Being Radio in July 2013 and I share why these frequencies are so useful for humanity at this time.  Click here for the 1 hour show.

Daniel Coates (iTunes podcast)

June 2013

Daniel CoatesDaniel Coates of Central Coast, Australia and I when he interviewed me in June 2013 regarding the frequencies of the solfeggio (Zobet) and why they are so vital for humanity at this time.  I also cover in this interview useful health tips on health and wellbeing e.g. how to use your mobile, cordless phone, wifi etc safely.  Enjoy!

Eeshira interviewed by Daniel Coates iTunes podcast

Bay FM (Byron Bay, Australia)

April 2013

Andy Travers of The Lighthouse Lounge at Bay FM interviewed me with his partner during a visit to Australia in April 2013.  To listen click on player links below.  Interestingly Bay FM’s radio station is 99.9 FM which is 111 x 9, how amazing is that & the synchronicities just keep coming!  Part 1 also features Sean McVitty’s new CD featuring me on vocals and the solfeggio frequency of 528Hz.  More info here.

Eeshira interviewed by Bay FM in Byron Bay, Australia Part 1 (start listening at about 5 minutes in)

Eeshira interviewed by Bay FM Part 2

Freedomizer Radio

August 2012

Judy Cole and IJudy Lynne Cole who is a wonderful friend and colleague (based in the US) who also works with the frequencies of the Zobet and I were interviewed on Freedomizer Radio/BlogTalkRadio in August 2012 (22nd and 29th) and we had two wonderful hour-long chats about where humanity is currently at and how sound can be an amazing tool to help us get more in tune and why 111Hz can be helpful.  (The picture is taken when we were both teaching together in Michigan in July 2012 and we both happened to be wearing roses on a black dress.  Interestingly the rose is one of the symbols that appears when the frequencies create certain geometries when put through Judy’s K.I.S.S.

[Kymotropic Imaging Sound System] laser!!).

To listen to the first part of the show, please click here and start listening at about 1 hour in or click on player below to go straight to the beginning of the interview.  Enjoy!

Eeshira Hart & Judy Cole on Freedomizer Radio re Sound Healing

For part 2 of that series of interviews with myself and Judy Lynne Cole, go here and it starts about 64 minutes in.

Optical Radio

July 2012

This is a radio interview I did with Patrick Lyons on the Neutral Zone/pH7 show in July 2012 and we had a great time chatting about the profound nature of sound healing and how it can be such an amazing tools to help humanity at this time.

Click below to listen

Eeshira Hart Interview on Optical Radio 17 July 2012

Resonance FM

November 2011

Here’s an interview I did in November 2011 with Mark Aitken of Resonance FM who has a regular show called “I can hear the grass grow”, the audio is below.

Eeshira on Resonance FM on 30.11.11


December 2010

Had a great interview with a good friend of mine Ade Shokoya who does a BlogTalkRadio show so if you’d like to catch the full interview from December 2010, the link is here or the audio is below.

The Healing Power of Sound – BlogTalkRadio Dec 2010

And you also might like to check out David Icke being interviewed in February 2010 by Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network and at about 19 minutes 10 seconds in on Part 1, he mentions about the energy of fear and the importance of the Phi ratio at this time.  This of course highlights the need for us all to be dealing with any fear-based energy/stress because it’s not our true nature and using the sound healing audio of The Unity Codes (click here for more info) and the importance of getting into nature is increasingly important in the coming weeks,months as we tune ever more deeply with the shift now occurring (especially in the lead up to October 28th 2011) and we need to take the time to connect with nature, ground out any fear-based energy with our intention, with our voices, tuned to the solfeggio, opening up our pranic energy field and truly embodying our full potential so we can absolutely achieve our full potential in this timeline.

Now’s the time!  There is no-thing to fear!  Love is our real nature.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t have fear, but we just don’t give it power, let it rule us or disempower us.  Time to take the power back so we become the master of our mind and become the very best, loving human being we can be!

PART 1: David Icke One Radio Network Part 1

PART 2: David Icke One Radio Network Part 2

Tray Radio Exeter

The Power of Sound to Heal

September 2009

I had an interesting synchronicity meeting Carl Munson of from Exeter down at my local healthfood store in September 2009 in Kingston upon Thames and we had a quick chat about the power of sound and how it can help our bodies get back in tune with nature.  My company has now been renamed from Sonic Research Institute/International to UniPhi.

One thing’s for sure humanity needs to make a change in the way we live and I had quite a lot to say about it!

Check it out!

Link for his website here and
to listen to the podcast click here for link to my blog post

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My take on 2012

I also had an interesting chat with him about 2012.

2012 means many different things to many different people. There is, however, a growing sense that it’s not only the London Olympics that are heading our way!

So is it all about the end of the world or the apocalypse or could it be a turning point for humanity?

And what does apocalypse really mean?  Is it really all doom and gloom?  Absolutely not!

Here, I talk to BonPom’s Carl Munson about my views on what may be the focal point for a shift in human consciousness…

Link to his website here and click here for the full podcast and link to my blog post about this.

Oops (!!!) meant to say athletes instead of musicians about the Olympics but hey was a bit put on the spot as I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed whilst doing my food shopping!

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Other links to check out are: and link for Geoff’s book is here

San Francisco State University Interview

October 2001

This is an interview featuring Eeshira Hart being interviewed regarding her debut sound healing CD “In our Mother’s Tongue” in October 2001, just shortly after 9/11 happened.  Click here to listen.