In our Mother’s Tongue

In our Mother’s Tongue


Tune in with the sounds of Gaia, acoustic instruments
and the ethereal qualities of Eeshi-Ra’s channeled vocals.


An uplifting and pensive MP3 download of my debut sound healing vocal CD recorded in a solar-powered studio in the rainforest of Australia with natural acoustic instruments and nature sounds and channeled vocals lovingly created to harmonise all 5 elements and organs in your body and encoded with Ra maths to harmonise the water in your body. (MP3 digital download 77MB zip file). IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have a good internet connection beforehand. Download link expires after 72 hours. Please download onto a computer first and then copy over to any other device.  If you’re on a Mac the file will automatically decompress once clicked, or if you’re on PC, use a decompression software like WinZip.  Thank you and enjoy!).


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