Earthing Tuning Forks PERSONAL set

Earthing Tuning Forks PERSONAL set



Set of 3 forks
111Hz, Schumann & Geomagnetic

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N.B. My US supplier has now specified a minimum order of 5 forks (as of June 2022), so please add either 2 x 111Hz forks to your order (which make great gifts!) or email Eeshira to request other frequencies here.  If this is not done, unfortunately we will have to decline your order and you will be refunded.  Kindly allow up to 8 weeks for your forks to arrive during these challenging times.  Thanks for your patience!

Tune into a more expanded and grounded way of being with these 3 weighted tuning forks so you can more deeply tune into the Yang (Schumann) and Yin (Geomagnetic) frequencies of the Earth with the potency of 1111Hz to support you.

This set includes:

  • 1 x 111Hz  forks
  • 1 x Schumann fork
  • 1 x Geomagnetic fork
  •  A 3 slot blue velvet pouch

Do you live in a wet or humid climate?  If so, select ‘Yes’ to get a special custom-designed protective coating so the shine on the weights never dulls and never shifts frequency to give these forks a lifetime of use & beyond or opt for the standard weighted fork.  Up to you!

It is recommended you also purchase a leg activator for this set as you will need to strike a pair of forks at the same time and it’s really important to avoid using your knees for that!   A leg activator is something you strap onto your leg which has a hard plastic platform where you can strike your forks and easily do two at the same time.  Best to cover it with a thick sock to reduce the sound!  Please email Eeshira here after purchase to get a couple of recommended suppliers.

N.B. Customs fees may be payable if importing to the UK or other places outside the USA.

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Special coated weights

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