• Want to celebrate your pregnancy?
  • Want to feel more in tune with what your body needs whilst you’re creating a beautiful new life inside you?
  • Want to help your baby have a gentle and nurturing soundscape you can play to your belly via headphones to deepen your connection with the beautiful being you’re bringing into the world?
  • Want to have a sonic soother that you can use to help you with any pain during your pregnancy e.g. back pain?
  • Want to have a few rehearsals for the delivery of this new baby you’re birthing?
  • Want to have a sonic support that can help pain relief during the labour if it’s dry or a water birth?
  • Want to have a way of more deeply bonding with your baby after the delivery especially if you had a difficult delivery e.g. C-section, forceps etc.

Then this is for YOU!  These sound healing frequencies can assist you, guided by the calming voice of hypnobirthing expert Foszia Turner-Stylianou!

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This guided audio series works with the power of the unconscious mind to support the changes you wish to bring about in your life. As you listen to the words, your unconscious mind automatically beings to update your earlier beliefs and desires that are in conflict with your current wishes and goals. The more you listen to the recordings, the more your unconscious mind moves into alignment with your conscious beliefs and goals.  It comprises 5 audios to support your Pregnancy.  The frequencies are amazingly rebalancing and soothing, supporting you every step of the way!

Audio 1 of 5 – Celebrating Pregnancy
01 Celebrating Pregnancy Sample Audio
Audio 2 of 5 – Healthy Pregnancy
02 Healthy Pregnancy Sample Audio
Audio 3 of 5 – Birth Rehearsal
03 Birth Rehearsal Sample Audio
Audio 4 of 5 – For the Birth (with dolphins, ocean and sound healing frequencies only)
04 For the Birth Sample Audio
Audio 5 of 5 – Bonding with your baby
05 Bonding with your Baby Sample Audio

This guided audio series works with your body’s innate ability to do what it is naturally designed to do. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for your body to give birth with ease. Turning the attention inward and going into a trance state is a natural physical and mental state. Pregnancy is a natural state as is the act of giving birth. When you are in harmony with your body and emotions, pregnancy can be a period of vital health and well-being and birthing of your baby, a joyful celebration of life. These audios are designed to guide you and help you have the healthy and joyful pregnancy and childbirth you deserve.

The video below explains why our audio is so different from other products out there!

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Eeshi-Ra and Sonic Life Solutions are proud to announce the release of other solfeggio sound healing audio to help you tune in on a happier and more fulfilled YOU today!

What if you could take the harmonising effects of the frequencies to help you deepen your breathing (click here Breathing) or feel like you’ve just deeply relaxed your head and shoulders or your whole body? (Energetic Massage) or maybe assist you in conceiving a child (Fertility) or having an awesome pregnancy and birth (Pregnancy) or to learn how to enjoy more sacred sexual pleasure (Self Pleasuring) or to easily de-stress you after a busy day (Stress Relief) etc.  Well now you can!  Click on the titles to find out more.

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