Solfeggio 111Hz Masterclass Series

Welcome to my first Masterclass Webinar Series

This Masterclass Series has now concluded
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I’m truly excited to share some of the highlights of my deep dive scientific & other healing research of the past 16 years plus my NEW updated research of the past few months regarding the many benefits of this amazing sound healing master frequency of 111Hz !  On my journey of discovery, I interestingly have found out that many modalities already exist that have been working with this healing frequency since post World War 2 in fact, so this helps us know how beneficial it already can be in our world!

Maybe some of you here are wondering what does 111Hz have to do with the solfeggio sound healing frequencies though?

This is a GREAT question!

If you already know about the 6 or 9 solfeggio, or even the full spectrum of 18 Zobet frequencies (where the solfeggio come from), if you take:

  • 396Hz and subtract it from 285Hz you get 111Hz!
  • 528-417Hz – 111Hz
  • 639-528Hz – 111Hz and the list goes on!

To keep it easy to follow and focused, I’ve broken it down into 4 sets of healing benefits:

  • Mental Benefits (1 hour 45 minutes) – Is there a link between 111Hz, boosting brain function, autism & resetting the reptilian brain’s survival instinct of fight, flight, freeze & fawn?
  • Emotional Benefits (1 hour 36 minutes) – Is there a link between 111Hz & depression, anxiety, stress & the ability to feel pleasure?
  • Physical Benefits (2 hours 27 minutes)Is there a link between 111Hz and drug addiction, pain relief, insomnia & reversing ageing?
  • Spiritual Benefits (2 hours 7 minutes) – Is there a link between 111Hz and deepening meditation, awakening to our Divinity and activating our pineal gland & DNA?

Each masterclass runs between 1 hour 30 minutes-2 hours 30 minutes via Zoom and features a slideshow presentation with a Q & A/comments/insights at the end.

Who is this for?

  • Newbie Students to Sound Healing who would like to give a wide variety of healing benefits to their friends, family, colleagues, clients & beyond!; or
  • Solfeggio Sound Healing/Tuning Fork practitioners who already work with solfeggio tuning forks or other instruments and have a desire to expand what they offer to their clients; or
  • Other Sound Healing/Tuning Fork practitioners who are keen to add in the wide variety of healing benefits to their sound healing journeyers & clients!
  • DJ’s/Sound Healing Music Producers/Meditation Creators who want to enhance the healing benefits of their music or sound healing meditations

The more we can custom-design a sound journey, sound healing session and/or DJ/music set/sound healing meditation by adding in the power of wholistic sonic science to benefit the journeyer, client, dancer or listener, the happier they will be and the more they will appreciate you, trust you, come back to you and tell their friends too!

Solfeggio Sound Journeys – If you’d like to go deeper and learn over 25 different kinds of sound journey or sound healing session, you can also check out my popular Leading Sound Journeys online course here.

Tuning Fork Practitioner Training – If you’d like to train as a practitioner and learn how to use this master frequency with a set of either 6 or 9 solfeggio forks or the full 18 Zobet tuning forks, you can find out more here.

The Unity Codes – Would you like to listen to the full 18 Zobet frequencies, where the solfeggio come from, to have your own personal sound healer anytime you like, find out more here.

Why 111Hz & Why now? – Want to see the full 111Hz conference presentation?  Check it out here

To watch, kindly select which masterclasses you’d like below or get them all by selecting 111Hz Solfeggio Masterclass Series ALL and you can watch anytime you like.   Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive the download link(s) via email.

I trust you’ll enjoy this deep dive into the latest sonic research!

Thanks so much.

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