Solfeggio Chime(s)

Solfeggio Chime(s)


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Resonate with the beautiful potent vibrations of these solfeggio chimes clearing out the past, tuning in to more love and unifying with the heart of ALL!

Out of stock


Great for sound journeys, groups or creating a larger sound for a healing session.

Precision-tuned to a 0.000Hz accuracy, made from special alchemically-created aluminium and independently tested to produce highly coherent fields that can then easily fill a space to maximise healing for your clients & groups.

Please specify the solfeggio frequency (Hz) you require or simply say “Eeshi-Ra’s chime pair” after purchase via email here.

If you’re purchasing a pair, kindly ensure the amount paid is for 2 chimes.  Thanks so much.

Buy Eeshi-Ra’s pair and get my FREE Solfeggio Sound Healing eBook PDF here

N.B. Please note that the postage may have to be manually adjusted after your order is received due to current postal charge changes made beyond our control without warning and then we will separately bill you for that additional amount depending on where you are located on this amazing planet!  As these chimes are individually custom-made for you, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery depending on your location. 

PLEASE NOTE: Customs fees or and/or import VAT will be payable.

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