In 2011, the solfeggio sound journey Sonic Enchantment
was co-founded by Eeshi-Ra Hart (formerly Ashera) & Fabio Garces
and since that time Eeshi-Ra has travelled the globe
sharing the frequencies of the Zobet (solfeggio)
in the USA, Australia and Bali!
Sonic Enchantment is regularly doing sound journeys in the UK
and for all other sound journeys with Eeshi-Ra it now has a new name

The Frequency Shift!

(Available as a group journey or personal session of 90 minutes)

The Zobet (where the solfeggio sound healing frequencies are sourced from) are based on the divine pattern of the Universe,  which can help rebalance the mind, body & spirit benefiting the body’s energy field, bones, and DNA and help tune us in with nature and the shift currently occurring on the planet.

Join us on this healing journey and be surrounded with divinely-tuned nature’s very own solfeggio crystal bowls, tubular bells, ethereal chimes, special alchemically-created tuning forks, merged with the sounds of the planets, outer space, nature, master frequency gong, divine planetary gongs, shamanic drums & rattles, temple bells and Tibetan tingshas, voices and percussion in a sacred space to calm, nurture and re-energise,

We will dive into the ocean, to journey underwater with dolphins, whales and then up into the cosmos with planetary & space and then bring you gently back to earth with sounds of the rainforest, exotic birds, and more!

These group experiences are called sound journeys or “Sound baths” because you are completely surrounded/bathed in sound, while remaining fully clothed, laying on the floor.

These instruments create a unique blend of vibration and sound, capable of creating transformation on all levels — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These sound journeys will work with the ancient sacred geometry of the Flower of Life as a potent tool to enable you to release old patterns, create new ones and “shed” energetic debris. One of the main master frequencies of the solfeggio/Zobet is played in many forms as this tunes you into the solar energy of your divine self and is also a great endorphin-releaser and can help the brain rebalance, uplift our mood, and enable our body to more deeply unify with everything around it!

What some recent sound journeyers shared about their experience:-

“It’s the first time I’ve experienced sound healing and I really enjoyed it 🙂 I felt my consciousness shift during the healing and felt deeply relaxed afterwards. Thanks for a great night!” – Becky P.

“This was the most profound sound journey I’ve ever experienced!  I absolutely loved it, thank you!” – Mariketa (Czech Republic)

“Absolutely fantastic, beautiful and serene sounds bathed me in glorious softness” – Claudia S.

“Incredible – feeling refreshed and revitalised… and thirsty! Thank you”. – Nick H.

“Wonderful, deep, healing, journeying, an experience to recommend, thank you! – Kim

“Run don’t walk to attend The Frequency Shift sound journey!  Deeply dissolved into relaxed awareness.  I felt the vast emptiness of my soul grounded into every bone of my body, radiating like the sun in all directions.  A joyous rebirth.  Infinite gratitude!”

– Tara K. Performance Storyteller & Psychosomatic Therapist

“I can honestly say that Eeshira knows her stuff when it comes to sound and the actual effects it can have on your body and psyche!  I highly endorse her work and her products!  Sound is going to be one of the main healing forces of the future.  It’s really great especially when it’s done at the level that Eeshira does it!” – Bobbi 

“I was blown away.  I haven’t heard anything so deep, profound & really true for so long and it makes me realise that a lot of what is passing for Sound Healing (not to put people down) does not really shift consciousness.    This was so authentic.  I went on a journey with my soul, came back & I felt so refreshed & re-settled.  I highly recommend it and would really like to encourage everyone to go and check this out.  It’s amazing and it’s not your average sound healing.  It’s much bigger, much more profound & really authentic!” – Acupuncturist

“We were all lying down in a circle and taken on this shamanic journey & were energetically stroked with chimes, shakers, & bells, and re-tuned with tuning forks – The experience was literally out of this world!” Leon Deith, Owner of Yoga Ananda Centre, Reigate

The overall safety and love given by the musicians was so solid that all of my personal experiences were held and enabled.  Dreams and expansions of my heart, my hands, my head. There is a part of me which knows another place, another world. A full world. Of abundant love, life, peace and light. I went there during the evening, I felt so at home there, and wondered at how I could forget that this is where I belong. 

The long lasting effects of the evening are inspiring too, not just a quick high, I have felt a flow and groundedness and I continue to spend time in the heart space that was opened”. – Bex B. – Musician

“Wow, Amazing – I feel like I travelled to the core of the earth and back, incredible experience, thanks so much, I feel humbled and honoured x “ – Zoe B.

“Thank you so much for this incredible experience dear Eeshira.  It was so powerful and unique for me.  My son was equally thrilled – it was definitely worth the 1 hour drive!” – Brigitte(Germany)

“What an evening.. feel totally blessed to have experienced this sound healing last night, ……..  Thanks guys for creating and holding such a beautiful space. Very proud of what you have achieved xxxx big big thanks and love” – Sarah T.

“Thank you for an amazing experience!” – Elina P.

“The wide variety of instruments tuned to healing frequencies was amazing and Eeshira’s knowledge about sound healing is great.  Thanks so much” – Ruth (France)

“Thank you so much, truly blessed” – Kam P.

“I didn’t think I could travel around the world in the space of 5 minutes, it is possible! and journey through my childhood AND also plunge into the depths of the ocean and dance in waterfalls………woohoooooo” – Sarah M.

 “WOW!!! Was amazing! So pleased I dashed from Stratford and made it in there last minute!! Out of this world! THANK YOU! – Jonathan L.

“What a beautiful experience…Eeshi-Ra manifested as a (singing) majestic bird of paradise (in my inner vision)…and my awakening felt euphoric, still feel the light energy buzzing around me, as if tinkling in my aura…. 

Thanks to all the beautiful souls who created the frequencies x” – Lucy Anderson – Artist Manager, Z-Star & SlowTrainSoul

Have you already been to a sound journey and would you like to have the frequencies from the sound journey with you to tune in daily for meditation or your spiritual practice?  Well now you can!  The Unity Codes is a unique tuning fork audio recorded with high quality microphones and with the crystal clear purity of individually recorded tuning forks and this is available in different lengths combined with calming ocean waves combined.  Available in either 20 minute, 40 minute or 1 hour lengths.  20 minute is great for a quick tune in, 40 minutes if you’ve got more time and 1 hour for a truly deep dive.  Great for supporting sessions.  Just ensure you and your client drink at least one glass of water before and after listening to support any rebalancing effects.

During these sound journeys, each participant will be bathed with sonic & harmonic waves (“healing” vibrations) that will evoke natural healing of mind, body and spirit. Stress melts away, while the brain moves into a deeply relaxed Theta state, down regulating the nervous system to lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate, relieve pain, and more!

Please come early to reserve your spot and locate yourself closer to the instruments if you’d like a deep dive!  Kindly bring something to lie on (a yoga mat etc), pillows/cushion and/or a blanket (or all of these) for comfort. Also bring a good size glass bottle of natural spring water to drink before and after as you may well get thirsty!!  There will be a guided relaxation meditation at the beginning and a grounding and integrating meditation at the end of the sound healing journey.

We very much look forward to welcoming you there!