Self Care Sonics Online Course (No forks)

Self Care Sonics Online Course (No forks)


Tune in with
this 15 hour
online class
packed with
way to more deeply embody



Come join me as we raise our vibration and move beyond old ways of being!

You’ll learn how to easily ground into your body more deeply, uplift your mood, feel more energised and raise your vibration!

Your Self Care Investment includes:-

  • Over 15 hours of slideshow videos (172 slides) inc. Intro to Tuning Forks (1 hours 58 minutes of 17 x slideshow MP4 videos with video links in PDF, Bonuses Video (67MB) in Zip format + 25MB PDF download of 17 x 1 hour interactive course assignments.  Full list of topics covered here.) with Self Care Sonics 2 part programme focused on Earthing & Raising your Vibration to treat stress, muscle tension, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, indigestion, to rebalance, relax, uplift & energise, boost immunity, improve mental focus, memory & much more!
  • 36 different Tuning Fork and Voice exercises to easily & effectively shift your state, awaken your consciousness, lifting your spirit, tuning you in more deeply to your body & what you feel, empower you to become your own healer, & raise your vibration so you can tune in to a happier and healthier YOU!
  • FREE 111Hz 30 page eBook PDF (£10 value) (with forks purchase)
  • FREE sound healing tuning fork audiosThe Unity Codes & Earthing – for rebalancing, clearing, uplifting, energising, harmonising, awakening & coming back to Earth. Super helpful at this time to clear the old paradigm of a fearful life and if you use technology/devices a lot! (£30 value)FREE 3 x “Clear the Fear” exercises to more deeply embody
  • FREE “Fear to Love” Pandemic Practice to co-create a brighter future! (“Clear the Fear” & “Fear to Love” = £50 value)
  • FREE “High Vibe your Life” eBook PDF guide to feel fabulous & maximise your energy every day! – (£10 value)
  • FREE “Happy Brain = Happy Body” eBook PDF of nutritional guidance to make cravings, addictive behaviour, depression & unloving behaviour a thing of the past! – (£10 value)
  • FREE “Wifi & Technology tips” to reduce your impact from electromagnetic radiation & use of technology e.g. Wifi, phones, computers, etc (Priceless!)
  • TOTAL FREEBIES: £110/US$145

N.B. This is the online course ONLY.  If you’d like to get the course with the tuning forks, sign up here.

Full info on the Self Care Sonics course here

Zip files: A zip file automatically unzips on a Mac or if you’re on PC, simply decompress the file using a software like WinZip which is free.  The Bonuses file is a zip file which will need to be downloaded onto a computer.  All others can be easily streamed on any device and watched anytime you want learning at your own pace.  You can explore further with the Assignments to bring the magic of tuning forks and sound healing ever more deeply into your world to benefit you, your friends, family & beyond!

Cancellation policy: Please note, due to the fact that this is a downloadable video training series, no refunds are possible. Thanks for your understanding.  For more information on our refunds and cancellations policy, please go here.

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