Need some Sonic Feng Shui? What if you could put on some sound healing frequencies that can wash away any congested, disharmonious energies and easily and divinely create sacred space for you?  Well now you can!  Welcome to my new sound healing audio – Sonic Sanctum.  This audio is designed exactly for that purpose!

Since the frequencies of the Zobet (some know as the solfeggio) are based on the blueprint of all life in the Universe, (see below to learn more), they are amazing sonic tools for resetting that blueprint whether it’s physical space, the human body or healing nature itself (See Footnote).

Great for rebalancing, energising and creating a calm and healing environment whether you’re using it at home, at work prior to giving a healing session or leading a workshop/event or working with clients doing Feng Shui or Vastu consulting.  They’re a great reboot/reset for any space simply with the power of sound.  Turn on, tune in and clear.  Ah!!!  Feng Shui consultants may also be interested in using an energy field imaging system which helps clients see the many benefits of clearing and harmonising space.  More information under Sessions/Health-Coaching/Health/Healing-systems.

To listen to a sample click below

The Unity Codes Sample 111Hz – Solfeggio Tuning Forks with Ocean (3 mins 30 seconds)

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Blueprint of Creation CoverTo learn more about the mathematics of the Zobet which are found in the Prime Number Cross, which has important spiritual and scientific significance, you might like to check out  “God’s Secret Formula” written by German chemist and physicist Dr Peter Plichta.  To dive in more deeply with the maths of the Zobet, you can also read about Eeshi-Ra’s discovery in 2006 of the frequencies embedded in this sacred symbol in the book “The Blueprint of Creation” by Jason O’Hara.

Footnote Re: Ocean Water Project that has been conducted by Dr Wes Marin and Judy Lynne Cole of Healing Partnerships & Ringing of the Rivers Project which is now underway and receiving funding.  Its purpose is to clear the red tide/algal blooms that have been caused as a result of the ocean’s acidity rising substantially in the last few years.   In increased acidic conditions, it enables the algae to grow out of control which as a result has been blocking out the sunlight coming into the water, robbing the water of oxygen and therefore killing the fish.  With the use of sound healing frequencies, this has been scientifically proven in repeatable laboratory tests to reverse the imbalance quickly, easily and safely.  To connect with Judy and her work, please email her direct: or go to her website here.