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Hear Liana’s story of how solfeggio frequencies assisted her with 28 years of pain from a car accident!  Want to benefit clients like Liana?  Learn with me here.

Here’s another example of a happy client who learnt how to access her inner healer and heal her body with Body Sonics sessions.  Learn Body Sonics with me here.

Hear Alexandra’s experience of using her voice for healing to shift her state here even whilst having a tattoo!  Learn Shift It here.

Hear Suman share her experience of my Pregnancy 5 Audio series below.  More on the Pregnancy audio series here.

Eeshi-Ra has a wide variety of solfeggio sound healing audios (click here), guided audios here, and here, solfeggio sound healing DVD’s/Video downloads (click here), radio interviews (click here), press articles (click here) & more.

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