• Want to feel more in tune with your body to prepare it for new life?
  • Want to move through any blocks you have to becoming pregnant?
  • Want to feel more in tune with your body?
  • Want to deepen the love for yourself and your baby to be?
  • Want to feel more peaceful and ready for creating a new life inside you?
  • Want to feel more connected to the growing baby inside you?

Then this is for YOU!  These sound healing frequencies can assist you, guided by the calming voice of hypnobirthing expert Foszia Turner-Stylianou!  If you want the second audio series Pregnancy for supporting you throughout that journey, click here.

Listen to FREE audio samples & watch the video below.

This sound healing audio series combines solfeggio tuning forks, nature sounds together with a series of 4 guided relaxation audios.  This is a great sound healing audio series for loving your body and getting more in tune to prepare you for conceiving a child.  This is an exciting collaboration with highly qualified and sensitive hypnotherapist Foszia Turner-Stylianou of TranceformingSelf.   It comprises 4 guided sound healing audios:

Audio 1 of 4 – Becoming peaceful 01 Becoming Peaceful Sample Audio
Audio 2 of 4 – Clearing the path 02 Clearing the Path Sample Audio
Audio 3 of 4 – Planting the seed 03 Planting the Seed Sample Audio
Audio 4 of 4 – Conceiving the future 04 Conceiving the Future Sample Audio

This guided audio series works with your body’s innate ability to do what it is naturally designed to do and help clear away any hidden beliefs/defences that have interrupted or blocked any natural ability to conceive and carry a child through to a safe and healthy birth. To read more about this audio go here and here and a great video to find out more is below:

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What if you could take the harmonising effects of the frequencies and feel you’ve helped deepen your breathing (Breathing), and feel like you’ve also just relaxed your head and shoulders or your whole body? (Energetic Massage) or having an awesome pregnancy and birth (Pregnancy) or to learn how to enjoy more sacred sexual pleasure (Self Pleasuring) or to easily de-stress you after a busy day (Stress Relief) etc.  Well now you can!

Well now you can! Eeshi-Ra (formerly Ashera) and Sonic Life Solutions are proud to announce the release of other solfeggio sound healing audio to help you tune in on a happier and healthier life!  Just click on the titles to find out more!