The 108 Gamma Codes 27 minute MP3

//The 108 Gamma Codes 27 minute MP3

The 108 Gamma Codes 27 minute MP3


Access deeper relaxation and get your meditating monk master zen chill on!



Tune in with the 108 codes of the Fibonacci and sacred geometry and journey into a deeply relaxing gamma brainwave state with binaural beat Universal Sound Technology.

Featuring pairs of Zobet tuning forks with gentle ocean waves.  Please drink at least 1 glass of water before and after to support any re-balancing effects.

27 minute MP3 audio file (64MB audio zip file download).  N.B. All downloads are zipped files so they will ONLY download onto a computer first, NOT an iPad, smartphone or tablet, but after being unzipped, they can then be copied over.

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