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Check out this recent video for The Reclaiming in Manchester to find out more!

A 1 day workshop

(The shamanic recapitulation practice is also available as a personal Skype session here)

Come and Reclaim the Love that YOU are!

YOU are lovingly invited to join your sisters for

A 1 day workshop
from my forthcoming book
“Breaking Free”
(formerly Ashera)


  • Did you know that every lover you’ve ever had as a woman continues to source energy from you unless you clear it?
  • Have you had enough of dishonouring or disempowering yourself around men or your partner?
  • Are you ready to move beyond the trauma of being sexually, physically or verbally abused in the past?
  • Are you fed up allowing men or others to seek to put you down, control you etc?
  • Have you just shoved those feelings down & done your best to be loving towards men whilst you’re still boiling inside?  (the spiritual bypass!)
  • Has that really worked for you?
  • Are you tired of holding onto this pain?
  • Do you get confused why you still continue to attract that kind of experience?


  • Would you like a safe space to just feel, express & release all these feelings?
  • Would you like to learn an ancient way to cut the ties with past lovers using a shamanic recapitulation technique?
  • Would you like to clear any negativity, stagnant, disrespectful or unloving energy from your womb and create a pristine sacred space there to prepare for only the Divine Masculine/Feminine to enter?
  • Would you like to do that in a ceremonial way with your sisters?
  • Would you like to find new ways of honouring and loving yourself?
  • Would you like to learn how to lovingly express your “No”?
  • Are you ready to fully love and honour men so you can create the loving relationships you truly want?


I lovingly invite you to Your Reclaiming
Reclaiming the Divine Goddess that is YOU!
Reclaiming your fully loving self
Reclaiming your Divine Feminine nature

Come together with your sisters to reclaim a deeper love for yourself and love for the Divine Feminine and Masculine in yourself & ALL others.

Benefits of The Reclaiming Shamanic Recapitulation practice may include:-

  • A deeper level of love for yourself and others
  • Emotional clearing of the past
  • A Reclaiming of your own power
  • Feeling more energy available to you on a day-to-day basis
  • An uplifted mood
  • A clearer mind and focus in your life
  • Higher self esteem and ability to discern what’s right for you
  • Deeper level of in-tuition and listening to your inner guidance
  • Feeling more empowered to communicate your boundaries and speak your truth
  • A practice you can use ongoing for any partner or unloving relationship
  • A deeper connection with your body and tuning in with what you need
  • A heightened state of natural bliss in your body
  • A deeper connection with your sacred womb space & more!

Hear what Claire has to say about her experience at a recent workshop.

This is a 1 day workshop.

We will be using the power of healing sound vibrations to clear, ground and tune into deeper levels of love and ecstatic embodiment as offered in Sex Sonics & Body Sonics sessions.

I have been working with sound healing since 2001 and I am an experienced workshop facilitator having taught in Europe, the US, Australia and Bali.  I also draw on my experience training as a rebirther/Biodynamic breath practitioner, professional singer, massage practitioner, ceremonial dancer, lightworker and sacred space creator.

This is an ancient shamanic technique found in the female side of the Carlos Castenada teachings that is used for clearing the energy of past lovers and this  is also featured in my forthcoming book entitled “Breaking Free”.

Please email me, Eeshi-Ra here if you would like me to teach in your country or you have any questions.

Please Bring: a yoga mat, cushion and blanket, food to share for a light lunch, water to drink, wear comfortable clothes, a sacred object for the altar and your lovely self!

EESHIRA HART (UK now Bali-based) is a sound healing practitioner, international speaker, rebirther, singer & workshop facilitator and is passionate about empowering her sisters to reclaim their sense of self, their true feminine nature, a deeper love for themselves and celebration of the love and power that all women have. Eeshi-Ra is passionate about offering a safe, healing space in which to explore our spontaneous expression and the natural wisdom of the body, combined with the healing power of the voice, sacred sound and many other tools to help us tune in more deeply with ourselves, the Earth and the Divine.  When we are more in tune, we can access the truth of who we are, and so fulfill the reality of one global family and heaven on earth.  For more info on Eeshi-Ra’s sound healing audios (Self Pleasuring might be of interest here!), DVD’s, courses, sessions, sound healing ringtones, Body Sonics, Sex Sonics etc, please go to the home page of this website here: www.EeshiraHart.net, www.youtube.com/asherahart, To email Eeshi-Ra direct, please go here.