Cellular Sonics Practitioner Course and Forks

Cellular Sonics Practitioner Course and Forks


Transforming at a structural
and a cellular level!

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Learn how to use tuning forks to treat all ages for acute & chronic conditions.  Treat patients with all kinds of headaches, sprains and strains, lower backache, calming the 21st Century anxious/busy mind patient, calming babies/children and treating pregnant mums too!  How to treat patients with pain – chronic, acute, TMJ/tooth pain, inflammation, whiplash,  fractures, bruises, trauma, insomnia, post-surgery patients & more!  Offer EVEN BETTER healing outcomes for your patients with the many benefits of gentle, yet profound holistic sonic scientific sound frequency!

Course includes:-

  • 105 page Cellular Sonics Tuning Forks Practitioner manual;
  • 34 training videos showing 22 different protocols (full list @ 5. on Course page)
  • 30 hours to put towards your CPD/CE/CPE points (Continuing Professional Development) upon completion
  • A set of 6 weighted Cellular Sonics practitioner sound healing tuning forks (Weighted tuning forks, Precision-tuned to 0.0000Hz accuracy, Top practitioner quality with Frosted protective coating on the weights for lifetime use)
  • A special 6 slot Cellular Sonics padded black linen practitioner tuning fork pouch with Cellular Sonics logo to protect your forks with two velcro straps (£24 VALUE);
  • BONUS FREE 2 x “Anatomy of the Breath” MP4 Videos) (£85 VALUE!)
  • BONUS FREE 111Hz International Sound Summit Slideshow Presentation MP4 Video (£20 VALUE)
  • BONUS FREE Sonic Sanctum 20 minute self care and space clearing tuning fork sound healing audio (£15 VALUE)
  • BONUS FREE Earthing 20 minute tuning fork sound healing audio to ground before or after treatment and to reset the body’s natural connection to the Earth after using technology (£15 VALUE);
  • BONUS FREE Tuning Fork Research PDF on Treating Inflammation.   (TOTAL £135 VALUE!!!)
  • Summary of Treatment Protocols for Clinic Use (25 pages) to print out and laminate;
  • Affiliate Program to earn commission by encouraging clients to use forks for ongoing self-care.  More here.
  • Special practitioner discounts for other sound healing products, additional tuning forks, etc; and
  • Certificate of Attendance upon completion



£768.99 – TOTAL


ALREADY GOT FORKS?  Want to just get the course by itself and get the forks later?  Go here.

Kindly allow 3-4 weeks for your forks to arrive if you live outside the USA otherwise 2-3 weeks.  (N.B. If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, please download any zip files onto a computer first, so it can be decompressed, before copying or syncing with any other device and playing.  If you are on a Mac, this will decompress automatically when you double click the zip file, and if you’re on a PC, please use WinZip or similar software to extract the file. Thank you).

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